one yoyo for a year

Ok. I am a kid. And every kid needs their parents permission to buy something online. And right now, what i need permission for is (obviously) a yoyo. Of course, real yoyos that I can actually do tricks with are WAY BEYOND my parents budget, even when I offered to pay for it. They were even reluctant to buy me an eight dollar yomega fireball, which is my only real yoyo right now. Of course, I’m past that level of yoing. But they were shocked when I tell them that the appropriate yoyo to suit my needs will cost around twenty dollars. now I dont want to sound like my parents are big cheapos, or that I am angry at them, because I can understand that when they were little, the most expensive yoyo there was a duncan yoyo with diamonds on it. however, for my birthday, my parents agreed that if i can get enough money for a yoyo, i can get one if it covers the whole bill. So this is where you guys come in. I am only allowed to get one yoyo for at least a year, but I dont know which one to get that can keep me learning for that long. I know that I’m not supposed to get an unresponsive yoyo, but binding isn’t very difficult to learn, and I have a lot of patience with kind of thing. Don’t get suprised, I was looking into the protostar and the legacy. what do you guys think I should get?

P.S. sorry for my disreguard twords paragraphs and spelling. :-\

yes protostar or legacy but since you dont know binding too well then get a revolution.( its $40 so if thats too much then just say so) it comes with a responsive bearing and an unresponsive one. or get thick lube with the protostar or legacy. you can also try a lyn fury with thick lube to make it responsive for as long as need it that way. :slight_smile: tell us what you think you want

p.s. you going to NEED string

Lyn Fury
Pocket Change
Freehand Zero
All under $20 and all can last you for much longer than a year

Yeah, but take note that you will need accessories and they will probably cost more than $20.

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Good point, the last three need new pads and you need string for all

I am sorry to hear about your situation.
Will your parents pay you to do some chores around the house?
I will pay my kids to do the crap jobs I don’t want to do. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would totally get a Protostar, and a bottle of Thick Lube so you can learn how to bind on it. The bottle of Thick Lube is cheap, and is a really good thing to have when learning to bind. :wink:

~James Reed

another thought is to substitute the thick lube for something you may already have because the lube is going to cost you five dollars.

i actually think it’s kind of cool.
i think using one yo-yo for an entire year would be an amazing thing to try to do. i have hundreds of yo-yo’s all over the place, and it’s funny how i always come back to the ones that i’ve really connected with. we don’t NEED as much as we like to hide behind, you know?

my recommendation would probably be a velocity - a great yo-yo that’s durable, well made and inexpensive. i might prefer the freehand zero a bit more, but not as it comes stock. legacies and protostars enable more complicated tricks quickly, but a velocity can do everything they can, especially if you’re spending a year playing with it. you’d know that yo-yo like the back of your hand.

i think i would miss 2-handed too much to try this (and playing with wood). otherwise i think this would be an awesome challenge for anyone. i’ve found it hard just using hand-twisted type 10 cotton this past year. i bet by using just one yo-yo, you’d learn a lot about your yo-yoing and how little you really need.

I second the Velocity. You can get that and a hundred pack of string for bout 35 or 40 bucks if my memory serves me correctly.

yeah if you get a velocity then you wont need any lube

I would deffinitly get a yoyo that doesn’t require response change, like a Hitman or a Dark Magic.

100 strings are like 12 bucks. you must be thinking a 1000 pack

if you are thinking to get one of those then the 40 dollars that it will cost may be too much, if that is the case then check the b/s/t and you should be able to get a dm for as little as 30 dollars shipped


velocity- 19.99
100 pack of string- 9.99 (or more it depends on th color and material)
shipping- 5.50 (around that)

which all equals 35.48

I would have to say that the Lyn Fury is a good yoyo but sometimes it is unresponsive stock and sometimes you can’t make it unresponsive even if you remove the response. If you can only get one yoyo I wouldn’t get that.

A Plastic Grind Machine 2 is a great yoyo to learn unresponsive on and it is only 30 bucks. It is also fun because of the hub stacks so I would recommend that if you have enough money.

As your parents if they have any jobs for you to earn money on and mow lawns or do other yard-work for your neighbors.

Hope I helped!

u can try to trade old video games for yoyos on this site also. i have seen people do it many times

i would suggest a ricerocket large bearing fhz

If I were you I would get the velocity. Responsive yet unresponsive, adjustable, and cheap. A lot of bang for your buck and it can land all the tricks I know. You might want some string, slick 6 will do or go for a buck or 2 for poly. You won’t regret it.

Holy crackers you guys reply fast. Not to be mean, but so far I’m getting mixed messages on what to do. So I’ve marked it down to three choices based on your recomendations. I can either get an advanced yoyo like the protostar which might last longer, get a cheaper more “beginner friendly” yo like the lyn fury, or get a response adjustable yoyo like the velocity. I already have vaseline for the thick lube. It’s what I currently use on the fireball.