puffin 2 or avalanch

which would be better? and why which is more unique?

None get q yoyofactory cyborg 2.0.

Puffin 2. I feel it is really fun compared to other throws. It’s floaty, stable, and with a name like Puffin 2, what’s not to like? (Both are better than Cyborg 2 IMO)

The Puffin 2 is a really fast and really fun throw. I haven’t tried the Avalanche.

You can’t really compare the Cyborg to the Avalanche/Puffin 2. They aren’t even in the same league.

Neither one is better, and they’re both unique in their own ways. I prefer the Avalanche because i find it to be more to my style, but i still love the Puffin. If i were you, I’d just pick whichever shape you think looks better, because the performance will be more than enough no matter which you pick.

To get a better answer you’re going to have to give more information. What characteristics do you want in a throw? Are you wanting something different than what’s in you’re collection? If so what do you have? What’s your style like? Preferences?