One Drop Cascade vs. CLYW Puffin

(Nova) #1

Which is your favorite between the two? They are amazingly similar. Shape, size, and weight are almost identical. BUT THEY ARE DIFFERENT! So tell me :slight_smile:

And yes I know, it’s all about preference, yadda yadda, but I’m asking YOU!


I like the puffin the most.
But the 7075 Cascade is better than the regular cascade imo.


I really liked the Cascade. It was a really unique throw and is a complete blast to throw. I really miss mine, I might just have to trade back for one. The Puffin on the other fun is a boatload of fun, the party animal of the CLYW line of throws. You can’t go wrong with either.


I have a cascade I really like it but it makes a weird sound and it returns upon slacks and suicides idk why but I would play it so much more if it didn’t its a great, relaxed throw I wouldn’t use it for competition because of its slowness but its great I really want a puffin though! I look up to palli as a player and they seem very similar which was one thing I liked



I hated both of them, weren’t my style, but if I had to go with one, I would choose the Cascade. Overall, I find the Cascade is just higher quality and provides better spin times and is much better at tricks.


I love the Cascade and enjoyed the Puffin but I literally laughed out loud at that one


I am thinking about purchasing either throw. I am leaning more toward the cascade because of all the positivity I have heard about it until this thread. This is serious negative hate going toward both.

Would anybody who decided to comment on how crummy they are please give me a good reason why. I really want to know because I am looking for a new throw and was seriously thinking either of these or a chief. After you explain why they are so terrible, tell me what you would rather throw? I am just curious.


The chief is a sweet yoyo, built for tricks and no-nonsense, the puffin and cascade are kinda floaty, smooth and slow.


I have a puffin 1 and I am looking for a cascade. After I try it I will let you know. I do love my Puffin! It plays really nice and is just my style.


I can almost best that your bearing is a little gunked up. Do me a favor and throw a sleeper. Tug up on the string and see of the string starts to try and wrap up around in the gap.

And me, I personally love the cascade! It is definitely one of my top go-to throws. The shape is perfect and feels great in the hand. The specs are perfect and plays great and smooth. You couldn’t go wrong at all with a cascade.

(major_seventh) #11

I don’t really like the Cascade. Feels too bland for me. Puffin is soooo fun though! Floaty


LOL, I don’t know what I was smoking earlier, but after reading the thread again there really wasn’t much hate like I thought there was going against either throw…what the heck was I reading, or thinking I was reading?!

Either way, I think the cascade is where I’m headed. Looking for a floaty relaxed throw, I have a hubstack genesis for speed, and am gonna get a barracuda as well, which should suffice my speed demon yoyo side.

Besides, I get the overall feeling that the cascade is the more popular throw that people like from this thread and all of the others that are similar to it. Besides, I love the color options of the cascade much much better than the puffin.

(Nova) #13

I was the one who traded you the Puffin! Guess it wasn’t my style. Ah well.

I’m glad you’re liking it though :slight_smile: I’m loving the Cliff <3


The hubstacked Genesis will play slower than the Puffin, which is a relatively fast yoyo.

Some of the secondary comments in this thread only confirm what is probably obvious to some: the “speed” of the yoyo is primarily a function of your attitude towards playing it. If you pick up the Genesis and go, “Time to SHRED, baby!” (because you see the Genesis as a fast yoyo), you are going to play fast. If you pick up a Puffin and go, “I feel like chilling out now!” you are going to play slow and relaxed.

Yoyos will reach the end of the string at different speeds. But after that initial throw, the lighter throw is the “faster” throw. Changes in axis happen more quickly on a lighter yoyo thanks to basic physics.

Puffin is an amazing yoyo. Possibly my favourite of all time. I’ve yet to play a Cascade, though. Anybody have one they’re passing along? :wink: :wink:


I have several of each. And I would not find any advantage in trying to make one look better than the other. Simply because I don’t think they are even two yoyos that need to be compared.

I’d say, they are both Excellent yoyos. Regardless of specs, they both play really quite different. And I am very glad they do.

Pretty interesting to me, that anybody would say either of them moves ‘slow’. I think some people mistake slow(in a Yoyo), because they don’t have em tuned up/set up, correctly.

Before I started ‘gathering Puffins’, I already had 2 Chiefs. So at one time, I had 2 Puffins and 2 Chiefs.

Now I have several Puffins and no Chiefs. And the Chief is a very good Yoyo. But it’s no Puffin, lol.

I would say you can’t go wrong, buying either one… But then, it just depends on your style and the feel a person is looking for. I will make a few comparisons, just so I don’t sound deliberately vague>

You can push either one of them, pretty hard and fast. But, I would say that the Cascade has more float and is a very good Yoyo for medium speed combos and repeaters, with a flowing style and a long string. And the Puffin has less float and feels more ‘punchy’ and solid on a shorter string. And can be more stable feeling and directional, when moving FAST. You can really crank the Puffin.

They are both worth getting and they are both a barrel of fun.

Just my view…




Got my Cascade on the way! But I already had the Puffin and Puffin 2. :wink: I like the “get both” advice best.


Give us the pros and cons when ya can…lol I’m sure your busy but a small comparison review would be smashing good fun I’d think! I haven’t pulled the trig yet, waiting for clyw to get those new puffins to YYE anyway.


I voted and commented to get the cascade, but, if you have the money, I would honestly just wait and get the puffin2 when yye restocks them here pretty soon. If not, just go with the cascade. You definitely won’t be disappointed. :wink:


Why would you wait for the puffin, because their harder to get and almost just as equal? If that was why, that is what I was considering. (I can always just get both sometime lol)