Puffin 2


Out of all the Clyw yoyos that have came and gone in my time throwing there is one that I have never got around to trying. Yep, it’s the puffin 2. It just so happens to be the first clyw yoyo that caught my eye before I ever owned a yoyo made by the lodge. So I’m happy to report that finally I have a puffin 2 comming in the mail soon. I’m really excited to get a chance to have this thing. The curves on it look super sweet. It kinda reminds me of a organic/H shape hybrid, and those are the two shapes that have always appealed to me.

So I have a few questions about the puffin 2. Maybe a few of you guys/girls that have owned one can answer.

  1. I see there was a huge design change between puffin and puffin 2. How do the two differ from each other?

  2. This is more of a request than a question. But my puffin is the blizzard colorway. Can anyone post some blizzard colorway pics for me to see?
    (Any model will do)

Thanks everyone!!!