Puffin 2? Can we do some rumor-mongering?

So, Palli mentioned in an FB post that he was trying out a “yoyo hack” (putting lube into the cup for fingerspins) on a prototype new Puffin.

I don’t know about all y’all… but the Puffin is one of my favourites of all time. There’s just “something” about it… something which the current deluge of V-profile competition throws can’t quite capture for me.

Anybody see any leaked photos anywhere? Any idea which aspects will carry over? I love the profile and the floatiness. I could see changes in the cup and be fine, though.

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I’ve seen it on instagram, looks pretty dope!

Wish I read that yoyo hack trick earlier… Ive been practicing fingerspins all night, ive been hit in the face twice and caught it on a nip piercing, now im bleedinnn! Hahaha but its all goood, finally landed my first fingerspin slack whip bind return tonight.

Been meanin to mail that to ya Greg, I’ve just been real busy, im sendin you all of them once I get sentenced on tuesday. I will have no use for string for awhiiile. Found out I’m gunna be an uncle! Pretty excited, gunna make this kid a yoyo prodigy! Ill tell ya Greggg Im doin a lot better than i was, all smiles now! Id have to say that I’m blessed, with a great family awesome friends and this really cool chick that step into my life. Yup, content.

Here you go. Only teaser we have at the moment :stuck_out_tongue: http://img.tapatalk.com/d/13/10/19/u5ujyvet.jpg


Wow they changed it a lot. Seems like CLYW’s doing away with the double-wall Chief thing, given this and the AC2. Wonder why…

it’s hard to machine resulting in to many Fools Gold.

One of the few throws I’m liking right now.

This. I talked to Palli at worlds about the puffin’s spin time and he said it wouldn’t matter anymore since they’re doing away with the double rim. He said it’s the hardest yoyo they’ve ever machined since the wall is so thin, which resulted in way too much fools’ gold.


I had a sneaking feeling the double-rim would be gone. I didn’t actually consider that it was leading to a bunch of FG; the weight distribution afforded by the rim certainly helps with its “feel”. Rim-weighted Puffin will be a whole different beast, that’s for sure. WRT other changes: that axle nub is so minimal I hope they just do away with it and have a flat cup.

I for one really enjoy the profile of the original Puffin, so it’s all about taste. Hard to tell in that shot anything about the profile, but as long as it’s not going full-on “V” I’ll be happy! Nothing against “V”; love that shape. Just that the non-V-ness of it is part of the Puffin’s charm for me.

YoRED: that’s great about the uncle thing! Less great about the sentencing thing. And no worries about the mail thing! Really glad you’re content right now, man.

The 2 yoyos I have sitting on my desk right now are the AC and Puffin so definitely looking forward to more news on their sequels. CLYW makes just the right amount of models to go along with a ton of amazing colorways to make it a near lock that I end up with at least one of every model they produce. Of course it helps that I love the way almost all their throws play too.

new one is reeeaally good :slight_smile:


now I’m waiting for the chief 2 project apache lol XD

Thank heavens the took out the inner rims. They are so ugly, and don’t improve the yoyo. Might actually buy this one.

If only there was someone… SOMEONE with a forum account and access to a prototype… who could show us a profile shot.

I wonder who on this forum could do something like that?

(PS, playing Puffin today!)

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::slight_smile: Maybe someone who already posted in this thread?

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I’ve heard from Palli that it’s the same (or nearly the same) profile.

That would be great. Love that profile. It’s not to everyone’s tastes, which is what makes me love it all the more.

Next thing we know the glacier express 2 will be out, WITH NO DOUBLE RIMS!!!

And no response groove either.

Just friction stickers.