Puffin 2?

I know Chris announced this throw as part of the 2014 line up, and I keep seeing it on wants lists in the BST, but I can’t seem to find any information on it whatsoever. I took a break for about 6 months or so, only to come back and hear that my favorite throw is getting a sequel. Can anyone fill me in?

It was leaked a month or so ago. It has not been released. The design has been changed slightly to match the pros preferences. It’s a little more streamlined like the chief or narwhal. It no longer has the “fat” halves silhouette. No doubt still beautiful.
Search the forum for puffin 2 you’ll find the thread, I doubt it was deleted

EDIT: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php?topic=69614.msg769853#msg769853

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Awesome, thanks buddy! :slight_smile:

He’s not your buddy, guy!


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That reminds me of a YYR.

It does look a lot like a YYR. There was a side-by-side, though, and the original Puffin is surprisingly similar in profile! The transition to the gap is where the change is made, and while it’s significant enough to make it clearly different, it’s actually less dramatic than I figured based on first views of the Puffin 2!

I’ll be getting one of these. Hope they release soon! As I recall, Chris said that after returning from vacation (on the 5th) he was right into assembling the Puffin 2. There were also teaser shots of 2 colourways (silver on red, some multi-coloured affair), so I think it’s safe to assume that release is imminent.

By the looks and sounds of it, it seems to be the most anticipated CLYW to be released in a while. I definately plan on picking one up myself, if they don’t fly off the shelves instantly.

Even if it only captures 50% of the “magic” the original Puffin had (for me), I will be satisfied. I just love that Puffin. It’ll be hard to top! On paper, the Puffin 2 is “better” (more spin time, better at horizontal) but the on-paper statistics aren’t what made the original special to me. We’ll see!

It definitely plays like a YYR.

I’ve played one. They are FLOATY. Like it’s insane

on clyws facebook page they said it would be out in 1-2 weeks, but that was last thursday so it could be pretty soon ;D

Palli himself said it’s not quite as floaty as the original, though. That’s the trade-off for more rim weight to facilitate spins and horizontal play.

Well I haven’t tried an OG so, wow, hard to believe it could be any floatier lol

I’m totally with you GregP! The original Puffin wasn’t the all out performance machine some people may have hoped it to be, but it definitely holds a special place in my collection. :]

Sorry this is a little off topic but I see OG everywhere and have no idea what it means. I tried to figure it out but no luck.

Lol whenever people ask what OG means they respond “Original Gangsta”.

But I’m nice. It means Original :wink:

But, it DOES mean “Original Gangsta”. Used to be a super-common term in hardcore rap. It’s been appropriated to mean “original” as well. :wink:

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Thanks guys lol