Puffin 2 release date?

I know the puffin 2 will be out in the very near future, but does anyone know the exact date? ???

this year

Chris as not yet made an announcement as to when it will be released. But it will be released before February.

He said a release date in “1 or 2 weeks hopefully” sometime last week, I believe. Also, OP, are you actually in Utah? My GF lives in North Ogden and I spend a lot of time in Utah while I don’t actually reside there.

Yeah man I do live in Utah! I just wish more people around here yoyoed!

This Friday

Pics, specs, full release info, and a bunch of info on the design process!

wow bro its beautiful lol. thanks anyways.

Puffin 2 speculation thread?

Looks promising. I am especially digging the wing shaped outer rims. Just purchased an original puffin, hoping to compare the two. Inb4 canada snailmail

Dat wing shape… as someone pointed out to me, just like a Revenger but without the IGR. The Revenger’s outer rims are beautiful, and I expect this similar rim style to be just as nice.

It shall release the 24th!