Just asking, when is the official release date for the CLYW Puffin?


When it comes, it comes…


*please note that this date may not be right.


Oops, forgot to add that. :wink:


I talked to chris he said saturday. Which would be yesterday, or monday the should be hittin YYE. Feel free to buy me one tho XD

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Really, they have been lording this thing over me for what feels like years. I have the money Andre. Just put them in the store. Thx. ;D


What was the price again? Anyone mentioned it and I somehow missed it?


Chris stated that they would be priced the same as the Chief and Arctic Circle, so around the $145-$155 range.


Gotta buy a clyw. Every time Go check one out its so much money. I can see myself spending $200 on a code2 and cascade/ vs one chief or puffin.

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YYE already has them in, its a matter of days before it releases