New CLYW Puffin Releasing 11/9 @ 10PM!


The Puffin is the newest signature model for Icelandic champ Palli Gudmundsson!

The evolution of the Puffin has matched Palli’s growth as a player. Always a wide return top to help Palli land his most difficult and acrobatic tricks, the newest version of the Puffin is the result of several years of conversations and refinement as Palli honed in on exactly what he needs on stage. The result is one of our most daring monometal designs, with a ton of rim weight pushed to the edge by an undercut that was intensely difficult to pull off.

The result is a truly unique return top that speaks to Palli’s skill, daring, and innovation as a player while still delivering a degree of familiarity that lets you know you’re throwing something from CLYW. We’re very proud of this design, and can’t wait to see what you do with it!

Releasing Thursday 11/9 @ 10PM EST!