New CLYW Orca and Puffin 2 Release Tonight!

The CLYW Orca and Puffin 2 Release Tonight @ 10PM EST!


He became a National Champion at the age of 13, he competes in yo-yo competitions all over the world, and he’s been on TV more times that we can count! You guessed it! We’re talking about the one and only Harrison Lee! And we are proud to announce his new signature yo-yo from CLYW – The ORCA!

CLYW couldn’t be happier with their newest model and Harrison couldn’t be happier with how it plays, it’s everything he wanted in a new return top! The Orca combines the quality and feel you expect from Caribou Lodge with the performance you need in a new yo-yo. It’s fast and maneuverable on the string while staying incredible stable and long spinning through combos. With a shape that’s comfortable in the hand and offers competition level performance, this is the perfect yo-yo whether you’re throwing in your free time or competing on the World’s stage!

Featuring some very cool box art by Japanese artist Yuumi Shiga, the Orca really stands out in the new CLYW lineup and is sure to be a standout in your collection!


Pizza, Parties, and good times. The Puffin is Caribou Lodge’s true party animal and whether or not Dirtbag Yeti ‘approves’, this is a throw that is sure to be never ending fun!

The Puffin 2 is the next evolution of Palli’s signature yoyo, optimized for high-end competition play. Designed over Skype with Palli making suggestions and requests while CLYW owner Chris Mikulin created the CAD drawing for him in real-time, the Puffin 2 is built to handle the highest skill level of contest play.

The diameter and width stayed the same from the original release, but the weight distribution was noticeably altered for greater stability and spin time, while the profile was tuned to maximize balance for horizontal play. The outer hub length was decreased to make room for Palli’s signature “grindwinder” fingerspin tricks, and the low response wall helps the Puffin hold spin through absolutely anything.

Palli and the rest of the CLYW team absolutely love the new Puffin, and we think you will too!