CLYW Recommendations

I am looking for a smooth and stable clyw yoyo. I want it to be good with tech, slacks, and grinds. Not too clunky. Comfortable, balanced, and fast enough for horizontal. Good rim weight but smooth. Recommedations please.

OOOORRRRCCCCAAAAAA :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Maybe Puffin 2?  Sounds right.

That sounds like the Orca from what i’ve heard, but i haven’t tried it. I ordered one and it’s supposed to come today.
The Puffin 2 is nice, but there are a lot of CLYWs that are better. My personal favorite that i have tried is the Scout. The Scout seems to fit what your looking for almost perfectly. It’s not all that fantastic for grinds though. I’ll compare the Orca to the Scout when it comes.

I find pretty much all of the CLYW lineup good for most everything. Get the WM2, it’s the funkiest and my favorite by far.

I would definitely agree with this. I just got a Puffin 2, never expected to like it but it’s fast, stable, and fairly maneuverable.

So i got the Orca, and it is AMAZING! I would highly recommend it. As for Orca vs Scout, i would have to say the Scout is way smoother, lighter, and faster. The Scout is not as good for grinds and fingerspins though, and the Orca comes in amazing colorways. So i would just go with the one that looks the best to you.

You can’t fingerspin with the Orca either though? That nub would make it just about impossible, you need a flat, slightly concave area in the hub to do thumb grinds with.

You can fingerspin very nicely with both.

I can second that the puffin 2 is really good. So far I’ve only got/tried the puffin 2 and the chief. I’m on a mission to have one of each from this company. Really wanting a wooly marmot 2 and gnarwhal next. They’re all damn good apparently.

Actually you can finger spin really well on the Orca!

I must not be nearly as good at finger spins as i think i am then, haha!

Of their current models, the Orca sounds good (but I do not know for sure because I have never thrown one). I also find the Scout and Puffin 2 (from experience) to be good for what you are looking for. The AC2 is great for everything other than the speed and horizontal part.