For anybody who has played a 1st and 2nd run Puffin 2


So I was hoping some people who have received their Puffin 2 from the recent release could weigh in on this for me. I just received my Green Apple Puffin 2 today, and I’ll be sending it back for a full refund tomorrow. First things first, I did not buy from YYE. I know that here at YYE each yoyo is tested for vibration before it is sent to a customer.

Anyway, the Puffin 2 I received today has more vibration than any yoyo I have ever played. I have tried tuning the axle, switching the bearing, and swapping the axle out for a different one. None of that has helped at all. I’ve owned a few different Fool’s Gold yoyos from CLYW, and none of them had vibe near as bad as this Puffin 2 does. I have also owned a 1st run Puffin 2 that was made at a machine shop in Canada, and it was dead smooth.

I plan on hunting down another Puffin 2 on the BST once I receive my refund for this vibey one, and I’m hoping that people can weigh in on their 2nd run Puffin 2. Are all of them vibey, or did I just get a bad apple? The Puffin 2 is one of my favorite yoyos of all time, and I’d like to find another to replace this one as quickly as possible, so knowing if most of them from the 2nd run are vibe free will help me replace this one quicker. Thanks for any and all input!


I never tried first runs but
Yeah bro my palli edition has vibe as well. It doesn’t really effect me from playing. I super love my puffins
But when I throw it soft and straight enough there’s tiny vibe almost very little
Darn one drop machines lol
ima have to test my delirium dive and see if its smoother


im confirming my delirium dive is smoother then my palli edition.
Its just certain ones have more vibe than others


Those are both from the 2nd run correct? Mine has terrible vibe when you first throw it. If you give it a bad throw there is visible wobble. With a perfect throw you can’t really see it, but put your finger to it and there is a strong pulsating vibe. Once you slow it down so much it becomes smooth, but that’s only when it’s about to stop spinning.


Yes they are 2nd runs from YYE
My palli is fine but has noticeable vibe. I do the finger test as well and it smooths it out once I touch it.
my delirium dive is fine just not as bad


I have a first run 28stories and it came with a tiny bit of vibe, luckily I was able to tune it out.
My blizzard Arctic circle 2 came with a horrible amount of vibe, but then I realized it was just a faulty bearing and was the able to tune it out


Mine doesn’t smooth out when I touch it. I was saying that if you touch it long enough to where it’s about to die then it gets smooth, but any yoyo will do that. It’s just not spinning fast enough for you to notice the vibe. I’m glad to hear that most of them aren’t that bad. If most of them were like mine then I think that there would be a lot of people either replying to this thread, or creating their own.


I had a 1st run 28 stories that was dead smooth. There were some ano flaws under the white parts of the yoyo, but other than that it was perfect. My Bonfire came with a lot of vibe that was I couldn’t tune for anything. I had a Fool’s Gold Chief that was FG for ano, and I put the Chief axle in the Bonfire, and now my Bonfire is as smooth as my old Majesty was. There’s literally no vibe on it at all. I’m going to try and find a 1st run Puffin 2 that’s still mint, and 28 Stories would be my 1st choice if I had my pick of any of them.


Yep I strongly agree
Sorry yu got a Ill vibe puffin
and sorry for your lost :frowning:


Ok this is gonna make me sound like a fool
but I just super dinged my palli puffin into a wooden floor. SUPER HARD
I was yelling at my lil rascals lol they we’re fighting over a toy and I wasn’t paying attention when I threw it down.
but my palli puffin vibe is no longer. I mean there’s still vibe duhh its not vibeless but its not as bad. Its better
Im not kidding I’m being honest.


Congradulations! Lol. Seriously though, that’s really strange.


Sorry to hear that. I got 3 from the 2nd run and all of them were super smooth. Didn’t hear anything about vibe on the 1st runs and I was expecting this run to turn out just as good especially since OD is machining this time around(I love the softer finish on the new ones).

A few things you guys can try to get rid of the vibe:

flip the axle around(this made my proto dead smooth when it had a vibe problem)
try another bearing(if you have one). Some bearings tend to create vibe on some yoyos and some tend to nullify it.

Just sounds like it got damaged being shipped. That should definitely not get passed quality control.
Really sorry to hear that :frowning:


Which way do you suggest putting the axle in?


first screw the axel all the way in one half with the hex hole on the axle facing out. Try it?
If there is still vibe, screw it out and put it in on the other half with the hex hole facing out.

Might work for some of them since it did with my proto.

(major_seventh) #15

Just a tuning tip I use is to barely put in the axel on one side, then slowly, 1 rotation per side, have it come together, that way it’s even.


Yeah Flipping the axle around to the other side always worked for me.i tried this before on my Avalanche.
I also love the new finish and feel Palli I made my puffin smooth by dinging it…
omg how ridiculous does that sound
I loosen it and tighten it back up. And its still smooth ;D

(H.J.Fras) #17

Yeah , I heard the 2nd runs weren’t the best, but the first rubs are dead smooth


Mine has the slightest amount of vibe, certainly nowhere near enough to bother/affect my play. I’m gonna pop in another bearing when I can and see if it helps. It really just seems like the bearing is too dry.


I used to do this, but this is actually an almost guaranteed way to get vibe.

you don’t want the axle “floating” loose between the two sides.
you want it firmly in one side for best results.


yep true.true.
I used to think the axle was meant to be loose. Until I tightened it up. Made my throw way much smoother