puffin 2!

I just ordered my 28 stories puffin 2! I cant wait, to bad It takes about 2 weeks to ship :’(

It usually ships faster than that.

really?! I haven’t ordered from them ever :stuck_out_tongue: how long does it usually take?

Gonna wait on this one. I assume demand will be higher for the Puffin 2 than some of the other new releases of theirs, but judging by how many Bonfires and Gnarwahl 2s are in stock i’ll just wait for reviews before thinking about grabbing one.

Me too! Can’t believe how cheap it was for the brand. Even cheaper than it seems after the currency conversion even though the Paypal conversion is a little off.

As for shipping… I’ve ordered from the site once. It was a FG BvM2 that I paid standard shipping for and it arrived in Kentucky from Canada 4 days after I got the shipping confirmation. It did clear customs immediately though, so that helped tons. They also offer free shipping now that doesn’t come with tracking and I’m not sure if that will effect the shipping times. I paid for tracking just in case. Hope you get your Puffin 2 fast. Congrats.

by “standard shiping” do you mean the free shipping?

25 minutes and 3 color ways are sold out! Crazy!

I would buy one but I am saving money for the PNWR. Tempting though…

No. At the time I ordered the BvM2 they didn’t offer any type of free shipping. The cheapest option was like 15 or 20 Canadian Dollars. It was the equivalent of the shipping they offer now for 8.50 CAD. I would assume that the Free shipping they offer now and the 8.50 CAD shipping they offer are the same shipping “speed” minus the tracking, but I could be wrong.

I bought the 28 stories right when it turned to the hour lol 8)

Same here with the BBB. The 28 stories will def get sold out too especially being only $125. Hmm makes me almost want to buy another lol.

Also with the lowest shipping, my Yeti has still not arrived at 8 days now?

But my Bonfire came over the Xmas break the day after Xmas so 10 days total counting holidays. I think I was one of the last to get though cause it took a couple days at customs.

Snagged a Rafmagn! 8)

BBB on the way for me.

Also, I agree that it is faster than two weeks to ship. Chris usually ships this week and my last 3 packages have arrived from Canada 9-12 days after ordering. With the free option being what I used for shipping. It’s not bad at all.

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Im waiting for a maple drip puffin 2

In cali with free shipping it took about a week. The 15 dollar option is not worth it!

It’s been 12 days since I ordered my bonfire. What the heck

Wow that’s fast!
It took me longer than that to get my CLYWs and I live in the same province as Chris.

I got a rafmagn puffin 2 as well. Chris put one aside for me before he released them. How much was the BBB puffin 2? 185$?

I got me a 28 Stories edition.

How much did the BBC cost?

Bbb cost $167 after the conversion