Bonfire thoughts.

This was a thread asking for a review on the Bonfire so I knew whether or not I should drop the cash on it. Now it’s just a thread for you thoughts on the Bonfire if you don’t mind sharing. No full length review necessary. Thanks.

It’s in the mail heading my way. Not sure when it will get here. I went for the free small packet no tracking so I don’t know when I will see it.

I have a Campfire. I think the size of the Bonfire will be much more agreeable for me.

I have mine but I can’t open it til x-mas ;D

You must have gone for the express shipping option. How many days did you have to wait?

I went cheap. I went with the free shipping option for my Bonfire. I gotta have some cash reserves for when the Puffin 2 drops in January.

My previous CLYW order took 9 days to arrive. If this one takes 9 day, it will arrive just after christmas. As long as it arrives(eventually) is all I ask for.

Mine was in San Francisco yesterday so I’m hoping it get’s to Los Angeles today which means I should get it on Monday. Fingers crossed.

Mine’s still in the mail. Like Studio, I decided to not further indulge the mail companies and went with free shipping.

My Yeti also took about 9 days to get here (though I wasn’t really keeping track), but with the holidays, I expect the Bonfire to take a bit longer. Mine shipped on the 16th so I doubt it’ll arrive on Christmas :stuck_out_tongue:

OP, it’s not like you’re foreign to the idea of an expensive yoyo. I mean, your profile says that your favorite is a Sleipnir. Chris isn’t going to pump out something terrible, so if you have the means, I’d say pick one up. It’s not like you’d have any trouble unloading it if you didn’t care for it, anyways.

And I just saw some shots of the Puffin2 and it looks like I’ll be picking that one up as well…Dang you, CLYW.


Mine arrived today which really surprised me. It only took 7 days to get here! HAHAHA! I’m laughing at you suckers who went with the $15 shipping.

Anyways, it plays exactly how it looks and designed - like a bigger Campfire with a touch of Peak-ness. The weight is pretty much dead-on.

Definitely a winner.

Where are you located? I’m hoping it shows up to my office today otherwise I might have to intercept it at the Post Office. :frowning:

Northern Michigan. So I’m pretty close to Canada, but still pretty far from Calgary.

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Mine arrived. Sacramento, California. I just finished taking photos of it, along with comparison shots with my Campfire and I’m posting them up to my CLYW album on Facebook.

7 days.

I was fine with it arriving after Christmas. 2 days before: even sweeter.

OK, time to go sort photos and get it posted!

(Oh, sorry, I stopped writing reviews. Steve Brown said they were pointless and I kind of agree.)

There is hope for me in socal if yours arrived today. I certainly didn’t expect it to arrive before Christmas but I would be pretty pleased if it did. Even if it doesn’t, the anticipation will give me something to think about since I already spent the majority of today doing all the food prep I could do so I have nothing important to do until Christmas actually arrives.

It’s round!

Compared with a Campfire(28 Stories):

I’m too busy with other urgent projects right now. It’s gonna be a while before I really get to it.

Got about 30 minutes in so far on mine.

No full on review, but quick thoughts:

Really comfortable in my hand, super smooth like all CLYWs I’ve purchased in the Chief era, stable, long spinning. All the junk that any yoyo worth its salt should have.

The Peak is definitely a floaty throw but it has a definite heft to it as well. Might be from the weight distribution or just the weight itself, I’m no yoyo wizard so I have no clue. The Bonfire, on the other hand, plays at most like its 66.1g spec, but in my opinion more like a 65g or less throw. Even after only a little play on it I don’t mind calling it my current float king. It’s a magical little cloud on a string.

The Gnarwhal 2 REALLY impressed me, but I think a decent part of that is just how much I preferred it to the original Gnarwhal. So far I’d say that I’m enjoying the Bonfire just as much. It hasn’t surprised me at all, it’s delivered everything I hoped it would, which is great, because I was expecting a very enjoyable yoyoing experience. For the guys that are looking for that relaxing laid back yoyo experience, this is a great choice. If you love the Chief but wish it was more floaty, here it is imo.

I hope I don’t turn this into CLYW complaining thread #9871235431531 or cross the “no outside stores talk” line, but red with clear splash was $125 CDN. With free shipping and PayPal’s (probably terrible) exchange rate it came out to like $121. People complain, complain, complain about CLYW, some of it I agree with, but $121 USD for the beautiful, great playing collectible that Studio42 posted is a solid deal as far as I’m concerned. The current lineup is $115-145 CDN depending on colorway, $108-136 USD based on current (Google) exchange rate. Seems right on par with just about every other company out there right now. Not a fan of slow shipping, but I can live with that.


Sweet, hopefully it plays how I like when I get mine and the exchange rate sucks cause paypal adds another 3.5% on the exchange. Wish my Bip Bop wasn’t so god damn expensive but always wanted one so I said hell, it’s my Xmas present to myself. :slight_smile:

And yes, I will be playing the hell out of it as it was intended to be.

Thanks for all of the replies guys. I had completely forgot about this thread I made until a moderator reminded me about it in a new post I made today about the same topic. Anyway, I think I will pick one of these up while I can. I love float, and the “enjoyable yoyo experience” that someone spoke about above. I yoyo because it’s fun, and I don’t plan on ever competing. Maybe I will, but I doubt it. I also hope this doesn’t turn into a complain about CLYW thread. I didn’t mean to imply that they are too expensive. They’re not, I’m just not a very well off person at the moment and never have been. I’m working on that though. I’m almost finished with my Pre-Med Bachelors degree. When I buy an expensive yoyo such as the Sleipnir I previously owned or a CLYW, I make sure to keep them in perfect condition because I know I will have to resell them eventually. That’s one of the reasons I love CLYW… they don’t lose much value in the short term and many of their models increase in value in the long run if you can keep them in good shape. Thanks for the input. I appreciate it.

Just got mine today… Being on vacation has it perks for sure!!! I literally saw the USPS truck stop in front of my house!!! It was so cool in that it was snowing out too!!! Here is what came from the package:

So far I have had a change to give it a good 30 minutes of throw time and I have to say that I am a happy man. I can see this becoming a favorite and a permanent yoyo in my collection. This is also my first Ash Berry… Love at first sight!!! Cheers peeps!

That Ash Berry is beautiful! Wow. I have 2 Ash Berry throws and neither one looks as gorgeous as yours. Well done! Fingers crossed my Bonfire arrives soon.