CLYW Bonfire


Who was lucky enough to pick up a Bonfire at the restock today? I was lucky enough to get one in the space blizzard colorway. Can’t wait for it to come in! Happy throwing!


I got a Clareview Station Blizzard Bonfire!!! I was telling my dad to have other browsers ready and have everyone in the house not use anything that connects to Wi-Fi. My dad laughed and thought I was ridiculous. I find it ridiculous on how fast CLYW yoyos sell out! Lucky for me I was able to snag one and now I can’t wait for it in the mail. BTW does anyone know when they ship? Is it today?


I didnt get one from this run
(Ive got my 28 stories)

But there are still a ton left!
They arent selling out nearly as fast as some of the other releases…

(H.J.Fras) #4

I got a ninja hurdles, and I’m pumped!


I was waiting by my computer for the last hour. I filled out the payment so fast! My mom thought I was crazy. CLYW is a popular company. This is actually my first and I’m pretty excited! I’m assuming it’s going to ship out tonight or tomorrow morning. It will also depend on your shipping method. Happy throwing!


Nice colorway man!


Just got a northern lights.
I liked the black and green combination.
Asked them to change the bearing to KonKave ceramic too. Fat kitty complemented the yoyo and bearing :smiley:


Anyone who was able to snag a Confetti and isnt 100% wanting to keep it PM me. Ill trade you my Grey Bip Bop Cliff, another CLYW, I will hook you up. Really want a Confetti Bonfire!


Nice! That was my backup color.


Straight A’s this semester means a confetti for me 8). My dad and i camped yye and got the first one!


Snagged a Confetti, so excited!! ;D

Those of you asking about shipping, they will almost certainly ship out Monday (next business day). That’s how the weekend releases usually work, so don’t expect to see yours until probably Wednesday or Thursday. But hey, at least your order is locked in! 8)


Im pretty sure that you can’t just ask them to toss in a different bearing without paying for it. Don’t be mad if they don’t give it to you because you can’t just expect a company to lose money and conform to a customer whenever. They do have awesome customer service though so you could contact them privately and get it added to your order so long as you pay for it.




I got the Space Blizzard colorway. This will be my first CLYW, and from what I hear its fantastic.


Certain colorways did.

I snagged a hulk smash. That colorway sold out in less than a minute. Confetti and ninja hurdles were gone in three minutes.

Just excited for my hulk smash, I’ve always loved that colorway. =)


How did those who camped out for the release figure out when they would be released? (Date and time)


^twas announced


It just…looks…so…AWESOME
But, my dad probably wouldn’t agree…


announced where!? I was following their facebook and instagram for weeks and no where did it say the date and time of when it was being dropped!? Unless I’m blind?


There was a whole countdown clock here at YYE. There really was. Sorry! :cry: