SOLD - CLYW PUFFIN -1st run pali edition 1/10

this was a first run (fat) CLYW puffin - pali edition ( exclusive yoyoexpert color scheme ,only 10 were made)
mint with box. no scuffs , pricks , dings or schmiffs ( was thrown literally once, and then i was too scared to damage it, it costs like my phone but without the warrenty)
smooth as ****

130$ + shipping (international, i live in israel so im guessing the cheapest slowest shipping will cost about 16$, im not sure because i paid express shipping to yoyoexpert for it , and it was 30$… so there is always that option) - sold

we can talk about the price.

i also have a groove terrapin x baring in it , so if you want it also thats 15$ extra
i will throw a pack of strings and some replacement response rings ( if i can find them )

please PM me if you are interested

also. i love the fonze 8-))