Edit: SOLD FS: Very cheap, slightly used CLYW Puffin

Edit: Sold. Thanks for the PMs, everybody.

Last summer I tried to get into the hobby, but unfortunately this effort coincided with a number of family emergencies that took all of my attention. Since I’ve recovered, I’ve tried to resume the project, but the spark that was there last summer is gone. I would hate to have a nice CLYW sitting around here collecting dust (so to speak), so I was hoping I could sell it to one of you fellas.

I’m asking for $40, shipping included. Does that sound reasonable? The price is so low for three reasons: 1) there are two very, very small “scratches” (you can’t feel them), which are visible in one of the pictures; 2) it does seem to have some vibe, but this may be because I’m not very good with it (I’d rather not take the chance of assuming that it’s fine); 3) I’m obviously not going all out with the pictures (unfortunately, my webcam is the best camera I have); 4) I’m not planning on going all out with the shipping (I assume sticking it in the original box and putting it in a padded envelope would be fine?). Also, as just mentioned, I do have the original box, but it’s not in the best shape.

Anyway, price is certainly negotiable. I mainly want to make sure I cover shipping with a bit to spare. I’m more concerned with this yoyo going out to someone who would use it than making money. Also, if you have a proven track record here, I would be happy to “insure” the offer: if you’re unsatisfied, keep the yoyo and I’ll refund your money minus whatever it cost me to ship it. Please don’t take advantage of me, though.