Arctic Circle Second Expedition!

This is exciting. The first AC didn’t really interest me but this one does!
Here’s a quote straight off yoyonews.

Defending National Champion Zach Gormley is hitting the stage today with his brand new signature model from CLYW, the “Arctic Circle: Second Expedition” and YoYoNews has your first look and full specs! We spoke briefly to CLYW owner and designer Chris Mikulin about what has changed for this new model.
“For Zach’s new signature model, we started with the Arctic Circle and added inner hub design elements from the Avalance and Bear Vs Man 2, both of which have been getting a lot of play time from Zach.” said Chris Mikulin. “We made this version bigger and wider than the Arctic Circle, but wanted to retain the original’s speed. We kept the weight low to keep the return top fast, but removed the double rings and optimized the rim weight for stability, so that it requires low energy to get up to full RPMs. We also lowered the wall in the gap to make it perfect for horizontal play. The new Arctic Circle is a perfect blend of spin time and stability for competition and light, fast play for fun.”
CLYW Arctic Circle: Second Expedition Specs:
Diameter: 55.6 mm / 2.189 in
Width: 45.3 mm / 1.783 in
Gap: 4.16 mm / 0.164 in
Weight: 65.4 gm
Response: Snow Tires

While we saw CLYW come to a almost stand still during the summer, they have a lot coming now.
Bonfire, Gnarwhal 2, Full Yeti Release,

Its almost like CLYW is stealing my money…

I KNOW RIGHT. I am now planning on buying a bonfire,AC2 and a colored Yeti. Also recently I bought a Yeti and my dad surprised me and told me he ordered a Summit for me…

It looks like a Summit, AC mashup, pointless in my opinion.

The only thing similar between these throws is the shape. All the weight on this throw is in the rims while Summit is in the middle. The catch zone on the AC2 is larger.Theres no mid wall on this. This has no side effects.

I cant wait

Not trying to derail this thread, but was I the only one to notice this guy really enjoying his hamburger?


I think that the first arctic circle would be way stabler than the second one because of the rings but correct me if i’m wrong.

No this one the rings were taken away so even more rim weight could be added. Making this more stable, longer spinning, and without the mid wall fantastic for horizontal.

I’m personally still waiting for Chuck’s signature throw… That was supposed to happen sometimes this year, wasn’t it?

Yeah. I’m waiting too… With Palli throwing around a Puffin 2 and Zachs AC2 I have a feeling Chucks sig will still be a while.

a new puffin really, proof please

Here you go.

EDIT: let me take out f bomb real fast…

So… This is a Summit. with a ACish cup, no SE, and a lovely light weight.
If I like this throw, I’m selling all of my Summits, and getting these.
Oh my gosh. It looks so killer…

Well and instead of mid weight it’s all rim weight for killer spin times :slight_smile: And no mid wall for killer horizontal :slight_smile:

pm it to me

I don’t have access to a computer right now but it’s on Palli’s instagram. No up close pictures of it just Palli making a statue do a trapeze.

The Midwall Is one of my favorite aspects! Eh, Not a deal breaker.
and Lightweight mid weight yoyos don’t spin as long, Sooo I’m happy with that change :slight_smile:

looking again, it’s still midweight, but pushed outward a little more, similar to an Acrophobia/ blink.
I hope they 7075 this thing eventually…

I love the Midwall too perfect for my style but sometimes I like to bust out some horizontal, you can do it on the Summit just not as easy.