New Arctic Circle!

Hey Guys!
Just waited the whole day for the count down for the arctic circle and know i can call myself a proud owner of a clyw! This was my b day yoyo which made it all the more special! Feel free to reply about your story of getting a clyw because the one i got is already sold out(black with green speckels). Happy Throwing

Haha. Same with me! I got it for my b day to! I got the Cryo edition. Can’t wait for it to come. This is also my first clyw as well.

Just got me a CRYO!!! I’m so pumped. The cryo sold out in 1:18. I think there were only 7. Can’t wait to get that box in the mail. There’s still plenty of the 28s, Saskatoon, Pekka, and Latitude. Now I’ve got my eye on the release of the Glacier Express now! Haha already looking toward the next. Good luck and have fun with your new ACs guys.

I didn’t get one, but decided to get a Northern Lights Chief for $120. I’m going to wait for the lighter run of the Arctic Circle to come out! God Bless - Moefv

Forgot to add. This will be my 4th clyw. I have a Aurora Borealis Avalanche, a Dandelion Chief, and Rockabully Gnarwhal. Still I think this Ac is going to take the cake.

How did you get a chief for so cheap?!?!?!

When is the release of that?

I would like to thank Heath from VsNYYC and its MIB! God Bless - Moefv

Chris still hasn’t said when the release is but if you go to his facebook or the clyw blog you can see pictures of it. Very innovative and gorgeous. Check it out. I think it will change the way he makes yoyo’s from here on out. It looks amazing. Check it out.

Congrats to everyone who just got one!

An amazing throw to say the least!!!

I really thought about going for a CRYO, but knew everyone and their mother was going to go for it so I went with a Latitude 53. Still a nice colorway, because I love red. Anybody else go for the T-shirt deal?

Just realized that CRYO probably stands for Clear/Red/Yellow/Orange. All of the colors on that yoyo.

thanks! So excited!

what was the tshirt deal?

You got $5 off the Arctic Circle T-shirt when you order the shirt and an AC together. Nothing to jump out of your shoes for, but a cool addition. Might as well get one if you’re already dropping the cash for an AC.

I picked up a Latitude as well because the splash style resembles the Petr Kevka Whale, which was the original colorway I wanted for my chief, but missed out on it :stuck_out_tongue:
Can’t wait to play the Arctic Circle though ;D
It’s nearing an hour and I’m surprised that they haven’t fully sold out yet. Wonder what that says about this release.

I still think they’ll all sell out. The last run of Chiefs didn’t completely sell out until the next day or the day after.

The Kavka edition I think will sell out the slowest. $165 for just splash? The last run of AC’s with a solid color and 1 splash color sold for $145.

Probably means that some think its a bit expensive but Ill pay it. I think its well worth it. Hard to say. Or some could be waiting on the glacier express. I know im goinf to try and get one.

I think you’re referring to the Pekka Edition. No Kevkas on this run

True and the new clyw/c3yoyodesign prototype H5xChief which sounds like an absolutely amazing collaboration 8)

yah it does look sweet!