Snagged one, but it was close.


Snagged a comeback ava, Pekka edition. after my computer crashing 3 times, i finally got one. Phew…


If you want another there’s still 7 :wink:


Got Red Oak Moss, dreams come true.

(laxdude99) #4

wanted to get one but i guess ill wait till the next time around


I just checked, there’s tons left.

btw I love lacrosse. Miss playing it so much!


Red Oak Moss for me. Had the site crash on me with an error code on the link to Paypal…but luckily still got the last one left with a second order. I bet they were dealing with a good amount of traffic at that moment.

Edit: looks like the one from my failed order just got added back to stock. hurry up if you missed out!


GOLD! Happy Birthday to me.


Too bad I jumped on an Overdrive…eh…But it’s not everyday you see an Overdrive on the BST


congrats, everybody!!
i got a Clareview Station edition ;D


Congrats! I still see 7 of them but I think I will wait for a Gnar or Chief instead.


Got my hulk smash. No idea why anyone would buy a Pekka edition. There’s a reason they’re always the slowest sellers. A $15 up charge for no apparent reason? At least the other $135 ones are 3 colors, Pekkas are just a total rip off imo.

Huge mistake. The Avalanche is the best yoyo CLYW has ever made, and Chris says this one’s even more fun than the previous version, which is crazy since the Avalanche was already the most fun throw ever made.


The Pekka’s look so amazing in person though. I have a Pekka Chief and it’s one of my favorite colorways. Beautiful. Reminds me of the show, “Dexter.”

Scored a gold. Now all my Avalanches are one version of gold or another.


These aren’t all that rare like they use to be. Chris is taking care of his customers. Not sure why so much hype. They used to sell out in 15 minutes.


i got a Pekka because it looks beautiful.


I guess the Pekka’s have an up-charge because of their team edition status. It really does look like an awesome colour-way, definitely reminds me of Dexter as well (I’m just wrapping up season 5). I’m also glad they’re not as rare as they used to be, I think CLYW should be more readily available to most who are willing to purchase. I’m also glad he’s been pumping out some throws. I love buying them new, supporting Chris and Andre (if you bought from this site), which I’m more than happy to do. However, I have had many excellent deals on the b/s/t here with really legit people and will continue to use it as well.


You guys are really making me want to pick one up now!

Someone should let me borrow theirs for a week or so 8)


There are a number of different things happening with them not selling out in 15 minutes. The vast majority of CLYW throws that were selling out at that alarming rate were Chiefs. When they debuted, and really still, the Chief was the first real mainstream throw to incorporate that inner weight ring. It blew peoples’ minds. It was super unique. Arctic Circles sold out almost as quickly because they were the second mainstream throw with the amazing inner ring but also because of Zach Gormley’s respect and cred in the yoyo world. We’ve since seen re-releases of Sasquatch which didn’t sell out as fast because probably the majority of CLYW owners already had one and didn’t necessarily need to purchase an additional one. We’ve also seen the release of the Glacier Express, which likely frightened off many potential customers because of its radical shape and design. Now we have another run of Avalanche, which like the Sasquatch, and honestly last December’s run of Gnarwahls, the vast majority of CLYW fans probably already own at least one and don’t necessarily need to rebuy. So none of these throws are going to sell out nearly as quickly as the extremely novel Chief or the Zach Gormley sig Arctic Circle. Do I already own an Avalanche? Of course. But I’m curious to see how this new version plays comparatively so I picked one up.

All that being said, there really shouldn’t be any Glacier Expresses left here. It’s unique, it’s maybe a bit intimidating, and likely a number of people are afraid to buy a $155 yoyo with such an unusual shape, but wow is it amazing. Just like every other CLYW throw. They’ll continue to sell well and sell out. It’s awesome that there’s finally enough to go around.

But wait till another Chief run pops up…they’ll probably fly away almost as fast as before.


i kinda wanted to tell a story of how i tapped into my typing dexterity and speed to beat out others in my race to get one, but there are still 6 clareview stations left, so i guess i’m not really all that. :frowning:


The fact is the runs now are 3-5x larger than they used to be. There’s double the colorways with each release usually, sometimes even 3 times what we used to see, and just huge amounts of throws, i mean my goodness some of the GE colorways had 20 throws each for sale here! The last AC and Chief runs took days and days to sell out. Granted you were usually left with the worst colorways like the over-priced Pekka, and dog ugly Yogi, but still there. I think it’s hilarious that CLYW popularity was so much about the hype, and now that there’s more available we can start to see who the real fans are and not the B/S/T scalpers and easily-influenced children who want something just for its rarity. Price probably also has to do with it, i mean i’ll guarantee that every CLYW release is some of the fastest, easiest money YYE makes, but if they were priced like they used to be in the $110-$115 range then it would just be bonkers. Personally i think Chris might need to adjust his prices or run-frequency a bit if he’s really planning on keeping the high prices.


haha, thats funny, Yogi is by far my favorite Colorway… ever… and i love Pekka colorways, and i willing shelled out extra money for one, when lower priced colorways were still available in bulk.  haha.  Love that one little word called opinion, don’t you  :wink:

Also, who wouldn’t want this guys signature yoyo colorway?!?!?!