Arctic Circle


Who’s getting one and what color??


Im going to try and get a berry berry color Arctic Circle.


I as well am trying to get berry berry.




Berry Berry as well…IT’S ON :wink:
…and copper pot.


Berry Berry is the only decent color of the lot.


Hmm, I might have to change my color if I want to get one.


Im going to try to get a grey with blue


It turns out my parents won’t let me buy it… Would someone trade it to me for my whole collection? :smiley:
Wooly Marmot jensen kimmit’s i bought it from him, 888 2010, Magic Yo N9, Lyn Fury, Journey, Dv888, Adegle Asteroid, and soon a phenomizm?


Wish I had 130 to drop on this

(YoYo_Freak) #11

Im gonna watch them disapear.


Its been 7 minutes and they arent sold out. I think someones prices are too high :smiley: if they were reasonable prices they would be gone by now.

(YoYo_Freak) #13



around 10 minutes

(YoYo_Freak) #15

11! :stuck_out_tongue:


it sold out


Trying to buy one but the shop seems to be down for me.


Didnt get it :’(


they are sold out.


as you can see the 145$ are having difficulties selling. i know its only been 15 minutes but anyone who has been Throwing for a few years knows that CLYW releases usually sell out in 5 minutes.

Cough Cough Price to high Cough Cough

Just saying