B/S/T- YYR CLYW OD C3 SPYY more. Arctic Circle inside.


  1. Trades only unless stated otherwise
  2. No International.
  3. no Lowballs please.
  4. Feedback system is there for a reason, if you want to trade and you have lower feedback, you ship first, and vice versa.
  5. if you have, no, 1-3, or negative feedback, you will ship first and i will not ship until i receive your package.
  6. Please don’t say, what would you offer on my whatever, state what yoyo you are interested in, and make me an offer please.
  7. I am a fan of bundle trades.
  8. if buying, PayPal only.
  9. prices are as low as i will allow them to be.

On To The Thorws!

Will hear all offers involving the AC

YYR Clash. Polished by yoyospirit, dead smooth, first run, amazing throw. Only a couple tiny tiny dings, and they don’t affect play, hard to find. offer stupendously.

Very near mint Nickle Plated Dang. only 1-2 marks, don’t break nickle plating, dead smooth, fast player, very light, will take a nice offer to remove this form my collection.

Near mint C3 YoYoDesign Capless. smooth as silk, beautiful colorway, amazing throw. offer well.

CLYW Wubbaman Lake WoolyMarmot. Great condition, only a few dings, still dead smooth. pretty rare colorway, don’t quote me on this but i believe it is first run.
110 shipped

SPYY Punchline OG. First run, OMGSMOOTH, awesome throw. one of my favorites, so good offers only please.

CLYW Custom Ano Arctic Circle. Super near mint, only one small ding that can be seen in the pic below, doesn’t even break ano. I Have it tuned DEAD smooth, but if you unscrew it you will need to tune it again. you tune it by messing around with how the axle was screwed into the yoyo half, very simple, and pretty fun to experiment with. Only looking for Super High end yoyo for Super High end yoyo. i.e, no Genesis and catalyst for AC, or something of the sort. GOOD OFFERS PLEASE. Between this being a Custom Ano, super rare first run (the only heavy version) i would let this AC go for
225 shipped or trade


Custom painted raptor. smooth, dings all around the rims, but don’t affect the play, and nothing to deep either. caps look pretty sick, and beast when spinning.
GONE TO “freaks of evolution”

Beatttttt Dark magic OG. pretty deap satin, painted inner cups gold. pretty smooth considering.

Stripped Starbright. Stripped, easily fixed by a modder. plays great when working well.
mainly a deal sweetener.

OD Dingo. Dead smooth, dead awesome. slightly satined rims, looks like racing stripes. as stable and long spinning as some of my full sized metals.
50 Shipped

Painted caps PSG. nice little throw, paint is a tiny bit bumpy, but doesn’t affect play in the least.

Pair of nebulas. Nice loopers.

Light up FHZ. could use some new pads, surprised at how smooth it was.

Fiesta XX. Normal 4A beating. still plays true. only looking to trade this for another Offstring throw straight up, but can added in as a deal sweetener if needed.

Wants List.
VS.NYYC- You’ll have the best luck offering me these. will bundle for a moonwalker.
CLYW stuff.
YYR- all but undersized.
TP- Just solenoid and Positron.
Newer Gen-yo
Bi-metal throws.


free bumps will try to be returned.

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Bump, had some very tempting offers, but holding off to see whats up!