New Arctic Circle!

Or sound sweet I should say. :slight_smile:

Had to get a 28 stories. I wasn’t really planning on picking up the AC, but when you just happen to check and there’s a 28 stories CLYW left, you pretty much have to buy it. At least that’s my rule.

I’d probably attribute it to the cost. This run is mostly special edition colorways and that comes with some pretty major sticker shock. Especially when people already know a lighter run is coming on the 28th, and will probably include more base priced colorways.

I was going to buy that!!! My fiancée surprised me with an arctic circle. I’m very lucky to have her!!! I got the 28s by the way

The 28th of next month? For the 3rd run?

I don’t know if that’s relevant info anymore actually.

I need this thing, I also need $165. haha

What info?

HAHAHA my first CLYW!

I actually noticed Chris/CLYW mention that the 2nd run AC will be shipped to 3 stores. I friend’d them all on FB and actually hit up a diff store the nanosecond they hit the shelves (about 24 hours before yye).

I took this extra step because to me, the 28s colorway is the most beautiful art I’ve ever seen on a throw. To me it looks like a bright blue cloudy sky with a splash of blood across the sky. It really takes my mind on a trip. I cant wait to play with it. I’m actually a total newbie (I only know the basics like cold fusion, matrix and plastic whip) so I have a LOT of catching up to do with this throw. I really got it from an art-collectors perspective more so than a serious yo-enthusiast.

This is also my first CLYW purchase. I’ve only thrown one CLYW, my friends Canvas which I find really unique and comfortable…cant wait to compare this one out.

The lighter run release. I know people are waiting for it, but I don’t know if my date is relevant information anymore considering that we’ve already seen a second run on the 28th of this month.

Congrats and welcome. Youll enjoy your new throw! Good luck!

Congrats sir! 28 stories is a most amazing finish. all three colors really fit together well.

its been around 5 hours and Pekka’s are still in stock…Either this or a Berzerker. I cant make up my mind!

Pekka, it looks even better on the AC than it did on the Chief

So not to start a CLYW-hating thread… I love my chief and 1st run AC… but I’ve noticed that there are still AC’s up for grabs… have we finally found a tipping point in the price barrier? Is the extra $20 keeping people from it? Is this the answer to the question - how much is too much for a CLYW? Or is everyone holding out for something else… Glacier Express? Or maybe it’s just that this release kinda snuck in under the radar?

Probably a little bit of all that. I’d say price is the main factor. That’s just a lot for a yoyo. Period. CLYW or anyone. And it always adds a little extra sting when there’s an extra cost on top of the base price, regardless of what the final price is.

They also already removed a good chunk of their early adopters who might have paid such a high price now by having had a 1st release just a couple weeks ago. People also know that there’s going to be a lighter version release coming, so that will be even more definite buyers who might have just opted out this time.

Total number probably has something to do with it too. These throws were released on sites other than YYE, and there are a lot of colorways. You might have been talking, what…more than 100 AC’s released in total? Maybe closer to 150? That’s a heck of a lot more total throws than usual. Hard to compare with something like the Skywalker where there weren’t even 20.

Ultimately, for a release that’s not the first run of a new model and is also very expensive, this stuff is flying off the shelves relatively speaking. I wouldn’t consider it “slow” by any means.

Wow… There’s still TEN and yes I repeat, TEN Pekka AC’s left. Wasn’t expecting that.

Yeah I’m surprised the Pekka didnt sell out faster. To me its like the stone-cold-serious version of 28s. Its just straight up Dexter-Blood-Splash without the playful innocent cloudy sky.

I went with playful because I like the contrast of the perfect sky meets blood splatter. At first I was attracted to the Pekka primarily but then I decided it was too serious. Blood splatter meets ice cold metal…that makes me think of a hospital after surgery…sterilized or something.

And yeah like the one dude mentioned…Chris sold the AC to other sites besides YYE and at least one of those sites (yysr) actually put them on the shelf about 24 hours before YYE did so that could have taken some of the “sniper” buyers who couldnt risk missing out on their favorite color waiting on YYE.

Not to complain or be disloyal about YYE. I love YYE’s store, forum and irc channel…The only reason I bought elsewhere is because of the timing.

I think the colors hurt this run.

The CRYO sold out fast because it was a cool colorway.

I got a cryo. There were 7 available and they were gone by the time I finished checkin out, 1:18.

Got a gnarwhal. Sold it for a wedgie…