Ordered my first CLYW

Getting an Artic Circle as a late x-mas gift. Pretty stoked. I’ve thrown some CLYW’s but never actually owned one, so I feel like a little kid inside haha :smiley:


It’s a pretty sweet yoyo. It’s fantastic with a center trac bearing.

It really is awesome!

Me too! My Avalanche just came in the mail and OMG!!!

Very good!

I recently received a Cliff as a Christmas gift from my girlfriend. Its the first new yoyo I’ve owned since the CODE2 was released and I have to say, it is fantastic. If it serves as any indication of CLYW’s quality as of late you’ll be in for a real treat with your new Arctic Circle.

Nice choice with the Arctic Circle! It is currently my favorite yoyo. Ever.
Time to edit my profile info lol…

I ordered My First CLYW yoyo as well, last day of 2012.
Its a CLYW Avalanche.
Im so excited to get it!