So I am thinking, that with christmas coming up, I might get lucky enough to get enough money to buy a nicer yoyo. Or at least put one on my list. So I was wondering what you would suggest for my first CLYW. I like the shape of the glacier express, but then theres the chief, and I don’t think I have heard a single bad thing about it. I have also heard a lot of amazing things about the arctic circle. This is all assuming i get lucky, but I if I come into some money later on, I will know which one to get. So what would you suggest?

The thing that’s really good about CLYW is that they have just enough models to pretty much suit the wants/desires/needs of any player.

The Chief and AC are amazing. The GE is great too, but it’s shape just really isn’t ideal for me. The Avalanch is another solid performer and has a more reasonable price as well. When it comes to the Chief vs. AC, it’s really a toss-up. Both are V-shapes, just different weight distribution, yet similar play.

I’ve got a lot of CLYW’s, I really like their stuff. 2 2nd Run Peaks, Matterhorn Ava, Comeback Ava, Bassalope(small and large bearing models), BvM, Gnarwal, AC, Chief, Canvas, Campfire and Wooly Marmot, and I’ve got a Puffin and a newer Gnarwal coming at my right now. The Comeback Ava has a centertrac in it. I think the Gnarwal and Puffin will as well.

I’d say the extreme shape of the GE is interesting. It really pushes the weight to the outside. It’s a very aggressive and non-organic shape, a big change for CLYW. It is comfortable in the hand. I guess I prefer more traditional designs. I don’t see these extreme designs going away. Many other brands are doing it. CLYW wasn’t the first but they aren’t the last either.

I’d say though that the flagship throws right now would be a toss-up between the AC and the Chief. I really like either of these. I think it’s just a matter of whatever you get. I think either way you can’t go wrong on these two.

The GE really jumped out at me, and it was one of the first throws I saw from CLYW, but the chief seems like the shape would also appeal to me. I am not sure about the AC, it looks nice, but it is pricy (I guess that is a given with this company) I think for me it will come down to a chief or a Glacier express. I will keep y’all posted as far as what I choose.

I suggest the Arctic Circle if you like wide yoyos. Also it’s a better multi-purpose yoyo than the Chief.

As in it can do finger spins better than the chief. Though I suppose that it could be used for 3A and 5A…

Yoj, please don’t post highly subjective comments like that claiming them as fact. Better ‘finger spins’ (I assume you mean grinds) differ from person to person. And saying it’s a better ‘multi-purpose’ yoyo makes no sense. All the yoyos he is (or should I say, was) considering serve the same function; unless you mean that the AC can clean your dirty dishes and change your motor oil.

And the Arctic Circle is by no means wide. Not relatively, anyways. It’s less wide than the Chief and only a smidge wider than the Glacier Express.

Yes it’s early and yes I’m still a little cranky.

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Sorry for saying that, thanks for pointing it out.


I have an idea!

Let’s not bring up threads that are months old!