Thinking of getting my first CLYW. No clue on which one to get! Update!

My first topic here.
As the title says, i’m thinking of getting a CLYW. My first CLYW.
I’ve read alot about them all, and i can’t really decide. Could you help me out?
I have a Protostar, which i like, and i have a Juggernaut, which i absolutely love!
As a matter of size, i would like something thats about the size of the Juggernaut (53.31/39.69) or bigger.
I dont really care about the yoyo’s ability to grind, not really into grinds! Weight: the juggernaut weighs 67.5 g, more than most the CLYWs anyways? (I do love my juggernaut)
As of skill, im halfway through the advanced part 2 on the trick ladder!
The ones i’ve been looking the most at is Chief, AC and the Gnarlwhal.

Will you help me out?

(Excuse my somewhat weird English - I’m Norwegian)

Arctic Circle. Read the reviews on the forum or at

If you like your Protostar and your Juggernaut I would discourage the Gnarwhal. It’s slightly undersized and it’s significantly lighter at only 66 grams. I recommend the Arctic Circle because if you get one from the first or second run it is going to be closer to the weight that you desire and it’s also, honestly, just ridiculously fun. I have all three of those yoyos and I vote AC.

Based on your specs, it’s hard to say.

The Gnarwal at 52mm in diameter is undersized. It’s 31mm wide and is 66 grams.
The Chief is larger than your preferences, at 56.62mm in diameter. It’s 44.47mm wide and mine is 654.6 grams. I’d like to get a first run Chief as well that is in the 67 gram range. This is a favorite of mine. CLYW threatens to re-release the heavier Chief, and people DO want it!
The AC is sweet, and at 54.65mm in diameter, might be to you liking. Good luck getting these as they sell out very rapidly. It’s also 43.45mm wide and 66 grams.

All are pretty decent grinders, so it’s an option.

Another “fan favorite” is the Avalanche. It’s 55.5mm diameter, 43mm wide and 67.2 grams. After the Chief, this is my 2nd favorite. The Sasquatch, which uses the same design, lacks a ring that the Avalanche has cut into it, so it’s weight is 68.2 grams. The Avalanche is another model you might want to take into consideration as well.

One you’ve decided, the bigger issue is getting one. I would suggest BST(Buy/Sell/Trade).

I suggest a Sasquatch if you looking for something with a similar feel to your juggernaut. The sasquatch definitely has some heft to if but it plays amazing and is a favorite of many people. Avoid the new CLYW hyped yoyos and go straight for the real good yoyos which are the Sasquatch and gnarwhal. The gnarwhals are amazing as well abd it depends if you want bigger or smaller. Even then the gnarwhal isn’t that small. Either or would be worth it. I’ve owned and tried almost every CLYW and those two are among my favorite


yeah… based on what I’m hearing… seems to me like the thing you want is indeed, an Arctic Circle or a Sasquatch.

I have no qualms with the Chief mind-you… and I think you’d enjoy it greatly… but the Sasquatch and Arctic Circle are easily the best high-levle playing CLYW return tops for 1A imo.

Studio42: Maybe i wasn’t clear. I meant that i wanted something bigger than the Juggernaut, though not necessary smaller/not bigger than the Protostar! I’m open to any sizes larger than or equal to the Juggernaut :slight_smile:
yomagic: I’m also open for new “feels” in a yoyo. Dont have to be something that feels the same way!

if you want a new feel, the Chief has a feel that no other yoyo has. so different.

I’ve thrown the lighter, and the heavier chief, and the lighter was a much better player IMO.

Thanks for all the help! It’s now narrowed down to the Chief or the AC.
Read on the CLYW blog that the next runs of the AC will be a gram lighter, 66.5 grams versus the old 67.5 grams. Is that a good thing?!
johnnyrocks!!!: What im trying to say is that im OPEN to new things. Though it’s not necessary to be a “new feel”, a different size etc. I want a good yoyo!

I got a 2nd run Cryo AC and it is my first CLYW. It’s amazing and the cryo colorway is amazing when you see it in person. And Caribou Chris says Zach prefers the 66.5 gram version so that must say something.

Kan inte hjälpa till tror jag. Jag har bara testat avalanche(28 stories) den är grymm. Hoppas det hjälpte något.

I’ve found a store with the Chief in stock, though im drifting towards the AC in terms of “likeability”…
Any ideas how long until someone gets the AC in stock? Think i’ve searched just about any existing yoyo online store…

They come in when they come in. YYE has some dropping very soon. If you want one, I advise the following:

Sign up for a store account NOW. The store account and forum accounts are not tied to each other.

Already have a verified Paypal account. Or have your credit card number typed into a document, and then COPY that onto the clipboard.
Before the countdown reaches zero(10-5 minutes early), login to the store account. Login to your paypal account too.

If you have other items you want to buy at the same time, add them to the card BEFORE the countdown reaches zero. Once the countdown reaches zero, it can get ugly fast!

When the countdown reaches zero, have at least 3 open windows(not tabs). Refresh one at a time until one goes live. Quickly select the throw colorway you want and proceed to checkout ASAP!! Complete all steps ASAP. Serious. I lost out on getting a Chief because I sneezed and lost 3 seconds.

CLYW throws sell out fast. It can be a hassle to get one new, but if you can, it can be worth it.

Oh sh**! Sounds like the CLYW-hype here is as big as the JB-hype here in Norway. Sold out in 40 minutes, 42000 tickets… It could be alot faster too, if it wasnt for technical problems at the ticket-office.
(and NO, i dont listen to Justin Bieber)

You see, theres where the problems start. The drop commencing of the Chief here at YYE will start when its 4 AM local time up here. I go to bed 4-5 hours before that…

2 words: Energy Drinks
1 word: Coffee.

The small supply of CLYW"s tends to sell out in minutes. But we’re talking much smaller numbers than ticket sales.

Alright. I really cant choose now. What i’ve heard abort the GE is that “its as good as the AC, though better at some points” - roughly like that. Makes me reconsider when i thought i had made my mind. Im looking for a stable throw without weird quirks. (which i imaged the GE had…) Grinds still not crucial. They’re all within acceptable size. And weight.
The three contestants: Chief, AC and GE

Just because one person prefers the GE to the AC does not mean the GE is “better” and/or “better” for you. You have to look at which one fits your preferences more. Everyone told me to get a chief and a wound up deciding on the AC, my 1st CLYW, and I love it. Honestly, with the three options you have, all are going to play amazing so if I were you I would just choose whichever one you think is coolest.

They’re all cool! And i’ve heard it from more than one person… The most important thing about it is that it needs to be really stable.

On a good throw the AC is really stable but if you want something that you really don’t have to think about it being stable the chief is better.

And then again, all points towards the GE being stable like its running on tracks…