Great Moments In Yoyo History: The Arctic Circle 2

I’d like to draw your attention to one of the Great Moments In Yo-yo History: Exactly four years ago this month, I ordered my Arctic Circle 2!

It’s hard to imagine that it has already been that long since the AC2 came into my life, but the proof is in the email screenshot I have posted below.

As I’m sure you all know, the Arctic Circle 2 is widely considered by me to be one of the very best yoyos (“return tops”) that CLYW has produced.

For a while now, I have been sending the guys at CLYW almost daily emails and mesages to let them know how much I love the AC2 and to try and convince them to take it out of “retirement” and produce another run.

After all of that hard work, I was thrilled to hear that (fingers crossed) CLYW is now seriously considering unblocking me.

It is one more step to acheiving what has been a life-long goal of mine for the past couple of months, to see a run of brand new Arctic Circle 2s in the hands of throwers across the world!


Gosh just leave 'em alone.


I will just plain past what i commented already lol.

Zach Gormley is an amazing player. Curious, what do you think about the Borealis and Borealis 2? I can assume clyw will never bring the AC2 back since Zach has moved on from that yoyo, so now the replacements we have available for that are the Borealis 2 and the Manatee to a lesser extent (Riccardo wanted a wider AC2 for the profile of the Manatee).





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Lol :joy:

Zach has moved on but that is only natural and doesn’t reflect on the AC2.

I mean, they need to sell new yo-yo designs so the same player can’t keep playing the same yo-yo, even if that particular yo-yo was his favorite of all time (not saying it was, just hypothetically. I mean it MIGHT be his favorite of all time. But I have no idea if it is)

As far as the Borealis and B2, yes they are very nice but you know enough about throws to know that sometimes there is just a perfect combination of shape and weight and density and it almost like magic, it becomes more than the sum of its parts. If you change it from 64 grams to 65, it doesn’t just change the yo-yo by 0.98%, it can throw the whole thing off.

The AC2 is perfect. I know it’s subjective and style matters, in fact even things like hand size or height (I believe) matter as far as which throw is best for you. But for me and people with similar tastes as me, the AC2 is pretty much perfection.

I really, REALLY think there is something special about it. I mean, I’ve tried to approach this with humor, this post was a joke and tongue in cheek. And I know that the chances of me convincing them to make more AC2s is probably zero. But I’m being serious right here: it is a really, really, REALLY good yo-yo.

REALLY good.

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Of course it is, because it’s what you and they like.

No need to pester CLYW to make more, if you have one just throw it and enjoy it.

Or collect more of them… collecting is also fun…


I disagree on that one. I’m sure that for Zach the Borealis is superior than the AC2, and that’s why clyw decided to retire the design, since it costs them absolutely nothing more that it costs a run of borealises to send the AC2 cad files to their machine shop and order new batchs of them if they wanted, but my guess is that they don’t do it because everyone at clyw thinks the Borealis is better (?).

Thats very true.

You know, i also have perfect yoyos for the me that are discontinued already: The Yoyofficer Vector and the Yoyofactory Bimetal Superstar. I absolutely adore those yoyos and i would love to have 3 of 4 of them in my collection (although, i will disclose that the bimetal superstar can still be found in stores. The vector is a little harder to find) so i understand your frustration about not being able to find a yoyo you like so easily.


Ayumu’s upcoming sig is based on the AC2 if that’s any news

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They keep telling me that and I’m excited. Do you have any details?