CLYW PickAxe and Peak 2 RETURN!

CLYW is bringing back two of their flagship models this Thursday!


Round of applause for the return of the PEAK 2 and the PICKAXE!


If there were two yoyos that belonged in everyone’s CLYW collection we are pretty confident these two are those! The purple is especially amazing and they also feature these awesome looking pins!


Release happens Thursday at 10PM EST!




This buildup to the re-release of the Arctic Circle 2 is EPIC!

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Rumor does have it - there is an Arctic Circle inspired design very much in the works by CLYW.

Maybe @caribouchris or @unklesteve can chime in with some added hints! :star_struck:


Yeah I’m technically not allowed to communicate with them because apparently showing up at someones house to discuss the merits of the AC2 is “excessive” and “not normal” and “in violation of my parole”.


I’m now curious - what CLYW yo-yos have you tried besides AC2? Have you also tried an AC1?

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Borealis 1 and 2, Kodiak, Manatee Navigator,
Big Dipper, Yeti, Arctic Circle 2, Wooly Marmot, Summit, Puffin 1 and 2, Sasquatch, Narwhal, Chief

I believe are the ones I have possessed.

The ones I kept and liked the best are the AC2 (of course) Big Dipper, Yeti, Navigator, Summit, Chief. Oh wait wasn’t their an Orca one a while back? I liked that one too I think but I can’t remember what happened to it.

I was gonna try to get a Borealis 2 again if I found a good colorway since apparently I’ll never have another new AC2 but now with this upcoming yo-yo I will wait.

I’m a bit paranoid about the AC2 because I’m scared I’ll damage it and can’t get another, i only play it over carpet. I mean I literally treat my YYR and Anglams like beaters compared to it lol


So, there is a successor to the AC line coming, but it’s coming to us from an unlikely place: Ayumu Harada.

Ayumu has always been a huge fan of Zach’s style of play, and it was a huge inspiration to him when he first got started. As time has gone on it’s very clear that Ayumu has developed his own chops and his own unique way of assembling and performing tricks, but his taste in return tops is still very similar to Zach’s. The Arctic Circle designs came fairly early on in CLYW’s history, and while they are still fun to go back to it’s clear that Chris has learned a lot since then about design…while at the same time, Ayumu’s skill has grown and his own tastes and needs have continued to refine.

All of this has lead to the development of Ayumu’s new signature return top, a similar-looking but very different-playing continuation of the Arctic Circle line.

Ayumu will be using his new signature model at Worlds this year, but at his request we will not be releasing it until after the contest so that he can spend the event concentrating on his routine and not the release.

Pics, specs, details about the design, and photos of the first production colors coming after Worlds. :slight_smile:


continuation of the Arctic Circle line

This is the greatest day of my life


OMG IS THIS FOR REALZ? I love my ac2 a new iteration of it will be amaze balls!!!


FINALLY I’ve found another gentleman with refined taste.

Good day to you, sir. I’m delighted to meet a fellow AC2 aficionado.

I have spent too much time alone amongst the unenlightened.



my ac2 what colorway do you have?


Do you think it is the bear trap that Steve was talking about on Instagram?

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I’m happy for your sake. But I’m worried it means the end of a meme era.

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That looks awesome.

I have the Ashberry



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Between bear trap pariah and now this other release I need to start saving up…plus all those world edition basecamp throws

I’m getting pretty excited!

Super stoked I keep looking everyday for the pariah to order but hasn’t posted anywhere yet

Is that what it’s called

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Pariah is a new collab between CLYW and SF - its a cross between an Akita and a Cadence - Keiran and Mark.

Video is crazy!