CLYW Arctic Circle 2 Releases Tomorrow - Sep 11 @ 10PM EST!

The story of the Arctic Circle endures with the 2nd Expedition! Caribou Lodge continues to refine their lineup, always designing with an equal focus on form and function. Get ready to embark on an all new adventure with the Arctic Circle 2nd Expedition!

Known for incredibly innovative tricks and flow CLYW set out to reform Zach Gormley’s signature return top to match his style. The Arctic Circle 2nd Expedition came out more striking than any could have even imagined and looks especially impressive while spinning.

Zach and Caribou Chris reworked the finest details of Zach’s original throw to continue evolving it with Zach’s ever changing trick construction. The new Arctic Circle refocuses rim weight for a strong more high-powered spin yet keeps the clean style CLYW is known for.

Zach took his first National Title with the original Arctic Circle and now with the revamped 2nd Expedition in his hands we can’t wait to see his next big move! Get ready to join in on his latest adventure!