I am pumped.


I just saw this and I am pumped!

I definitely know what I want for Christmas. :smiley:


I know right although I’m waiting for Black Friday for my next yoyo load lol


I love that Zach is a Colorado kid! Colorado is such an awesome spot to live! The second expedition does look cool.


Same! I cant wait!


There’s already a thread about this :wink:

And I’m so pumped! It looks so good. I really like the width. It’s going to be hard to decide what releases I’m going to by pass b/c there are ALOT of good releases coming up from different companies.

So this is what we have coming: First full release of Yeti,Bonfire,Gnarwhal 2, AC2, Chucks sig to be announced, Valor, Electric Flash(just released),Prodigy,Prestige, Al7 Quake (well I assume).

Just so much to choose from.