So The Arctic Circle 2nd Expedition...

I’ve heard so many mixed reviews of the AC2. Some people love it and swear by it, while others think its vibey and unstable. While some love the heavy feeling on the string, others hate the slowness and shape. What do you guys think? What are the drawbacks of this throw? What’s the best about it?

Thanks for your time! ;D ;D ;D


basically a summit mixed with an arctic circle. Plays like a heavier chief, I love it.

Its my favorite throw

Can you be more specific? Lol I don’t quite understand. Do you like it?

I really enjoy the ac2 a lot as well. Of course, just like with any yoyo, people are gonna have their likes and dislikes. What one person like about a throw, another person is gonna hate.

My ac2 plays really really smooth, and it’s a FG. I honestly this it’s FG due to anno flaws cuz it does have some. But overall, I love the feel in the hand, it’s has long spin time, and fits what’s I prefer in a yoyo.

Ahh…is it slower than a chief? Less nimble? Or just more stable and powerful?

Is it stable and smooth? Some people say it has vibe. What are the spin times like? Is it fast or smooth and slow during tricks?

a bit more stable, stronger spin. Same speed as 66g chiefs

I dont think it has vibe at all its a bigger throw so it will be more stable

You kids need to go and learn what ‘vibe’ is.

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a yoyo enhancement?

I think the idea about the vibe came from another thread where someone said he had a vibey AC2. If that was the case, dragonderp, you don’t have to worry about anything. That person’s AC2 was probably pretty used. I’ve never heard one complaint about how smooth CLYW yoyos. That is one thing you can count on.

Obviously the chance of an AC2 vibing is equal to that of any other recent clyw or even onedrop.
Mine is smoother than my cyborg, phenom and helium, more vibey than my ironyx and al5, and about the same as the irony’13 and L5.