Curious about some comments on the Arctic Circle/Chief 'gaps'

I don’t have the answer to this, that is why I posting up about it.

I have seen a few threads about the Arctic Circle. And I noticed that a few of the guys mentioned concerns about the mm size of the gap? Somebody posted up that the AC gap is about 4mm(actually slightly over… like 4.11 or close to that). Seems a few guys felt that was kinda narrow. A few guys posted that the narrow gap actually makes you become more accurate. And then when you switch to another yoyo; like a Chief, that you can hit your tricks even easier.

Sounded reasonable in a way to me(even though I think anything over 3.5mm is workable; especially with ALL the adjustments you can make using different string types). Sometimes guys forget that strings can be used to make up for different gaps/bearings/response systems.

Now for my ‘Puzzle’. I know there have been several batches of Chief yoyos, so far. And I don’t know how/if they have varied in Specs? But as far as 'sharpening up your tricks on an AC so when you switch to your Chief; I wonder about that logic?

I have a Palli Chief and a CRYO Arctic Circle. Last night I was taking turns throwin both and decided to measure the gaps. Both are Exactly the same. Just slightly over 4mm. ??

Maybe some of the Chiefs are bigger in the gap? Dunno; like I said I have only the Palli Chief.

Are some different or have some people just convinced themselves they are different?

Personally I don’t find any difficulty or advantage to the gap size on the Arctic Circle. But then again; that could partly be a Skill Level thing. Maybe I just don’t notice. I really like the AC but have not noticed any difference in how I can hit my tricks by warming up on an AC. < Remember the center of the gap is always in the middle of the yoyo; hahahaha.

If anybody can measure their Chief/AC gaps <> accurately; please let me know if you find them about the same or very different? Thanks from Mo the Yoyo Modder.

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Idnno about specs, but I don’t think a little thing like the gap size could make much difference in landing a trick. The catch zone is a different story, but the gap, like, IN the gap? We’re talking the length of the bearing, right? I don’t think that 1mm or 0.1mm could make much difference.

i’ve never understood the need for huge 5mm gaps. they’re not a bad thing, but they’re also not needed most of the time.

true. like its been said a few times, the ac will make you more precise. It will make you focus more and become a better player.

How does the Arctic Circle make you more precise? It has a huge catch zone.

If your not not paying attention and the string hits the wall it will start to tilt and or slow down. This yoyo is amazing!

OK, so if the string strays out of the catch-zone - it tilts the yoyo and seriously slows it down. But this yoyo is amazing…?

Please elaborate on how this is a good thing.

I would call this poor yoyo design. If I want to get better, I practice more. I do not need or want a tippy yoyo to do that with.

Well, actually if you want to get truly better, you kind of want a yoyo that’s not as forgiving.

if an unforgiving yo-yo is what you’re after, then you need a high-wall.

If you want to really improve your skills, you’re going to get an AC, you want a stock Lyn Fury :stuck_out_tongue:

The AC likes a centered throw. When you keep the string centered, it is an amazing player. When the string isn’t at an off angle, it can easily handle multiple wraps.

On a centered throw once the response breaks in it spins forever. I’ve found I now pay more attention to my centering on even forgiving yoyos.

The AC definitely made me a more attentive player.
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because it makes me concentrate more. More straight throws, more precision, how could it not make a better player out of you. And this is one of the best designs ive seen. And I have all in production clyws.

And the catch zone is huge. If its tilting then your not straight.

If a 4mm gap requires extra concentration in order to play right, you’re either pampered by oversized gaps or incredibly sloppy. I think the two might work hand in hand.

But wouldn’t a Dark Magic do the same thing for $100 less?

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I suppose. But everyones experience with each throw is different. I love my dm2 but in my experience with it, the ac is now my favorite. :slight_smile: