irony jp vs deadly spins wrath

they look the perfect shape both have a bearing with a groove (deadly spins has a 10ball also) i just can’t decide working an 5a and 1a and horizontal whick one is better?

I haven’t Played a IronyJP but I own a Wrath and it’s amazing. It can handle 1a and 5a beastly and is pretty good at horizontals too. Im a big fan of the Wrath and I can’t recommend it enough!

if you really want hardcore horizontal i would go for the irony jp but as a more balanced yoyo i would go for the wrath.

The Irony JP plays like a 200+ YYR. Great value. Really underrated. I say it is underrated because it’s not out of stock…And for the price and play it should have been out of stock weeks ago.

Agreed with yoyoavenger. JP all the way. Its even 5 bucks cheaper!

I love mine…incredible power…

This. Wrath changged my life. lol

If i’m not mistaken, your listed fav. yoyo until recently was a G5?

Yes. I just usually tend to change it to whatever yoyo is new, my new baby. :smiley:
There was a time when it was listed as the wrath, but also wanted to show off the chupacabra and decided two was a crowd.

Yes. My point being that going from a G5 will make most new yoyos today “blow your mind”.

I don’t have the irony jp nor am I interested in obtaining one but you can’t go wrong with wrath. Love mine to death. I noticed I enjoy looking at it more than playing it. Smooth and stable throw. Plus the extras it comes with is really nice. But I think they can bring the price down to $89 by taking out all that stuff because most people already have the 10ball or strings of course. Not everybody likes trifecta bearings.

I have both. Get the Irony JP. The Wrath is a fine throw, but the Irony JP is the perfect shape, weight and balance for 5A and horiz.