Is the wrath really THAT good?


I’ve heard some unbelievable things abou the wrath and the general yo model 10 are these 2 really that good? I’ve been hearing the m10 is like the smoothest yoyo ever!! And that the wrath is so perfect is this really true? Then why aren’t people always talking about them and stuff? They don’t seem as popular as like most onedrops or clyw!

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CLYW and OD have been out way longer than General Yo and Deadly Spins. DS being the newest of them all. Imo The Wrath is one of the best yoyos ever but I may be a bit biased. Haven’t played a Model10 yet but I bet its great too.


I’ve heard a fair share about the m10 actually… Clyw has way more hype than necessary IMO. As for the wrath, deadly spins is still a rather new company and not too many people have a wrath but the things I havent heard anything bad about it yet.

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I can’t comment on the DS Wrath as I haven’t had the chance to try one yet, but I really hope to because everything about it (especially the specs and shape) look wonderful to me.

I can however comment on the Model 10 by General Yo, as I’ve used many and own two of them. It happens to be my current favorite yoyo next to the Majesty and the best yoyo I’ve tried over the course of 4 years of throwing. Yes, it really is all that good. You said you don’t hear about it much? The M10 and Majesty have got to be some of the most hyped up yoyos from a small company in awhile. But the good thing is that they both deserve the hype they get, every single bit of it, in my opinion.

If you don’t have one, you’re missing out. If you can get your hands on one, I would jump on the chance. The M10 and Majesty are such fantastic yoyos.


Yes it is that good!!!


What do u think about the m10? Why would u trade it to TA then if it’s that good??? <3? :wink:


He said it was too good for him, and he didn’t deserve to play it :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes that!! HEHE… The M10 was awesome… But at the end of the day was a tad too light for me… I like light yoyos but for some reason it was too light for me. The specs on the M10 are great though. Just at the end of the day I would have liked it to play a tad more solid.

As for the Wrath well… Just because I sold it does not mean its not a stellar throw. I have owned a few hundred yoyos but I like to keep my collection small. At the beginning of 2013 I had 10 CLYW now I have 4. It is just one of those things.


I don’t think you know what small is :smiley:

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If your preferences tend to lean towards floaty, amazing yoyos. Then the Wrath is definitely all that and a bag of chips

Get one and find out for yourself.


At the end of the day, a precision-crafted yoyo will not be worlds different than another precision-crafted yoyo. So don’t get a Wrath expecting it to do tricks FOR you. :wink:

However, it is a remarkable yoyo, in my opinion. It takes the stability of many (not “all”… there are exceptional examples out there!) 56mm yoyos and puts it into a 55mm shape. I know that it’s only a millimetre, so it really SHOULD be similar… but somehow the Wrath feels more like a 54mm throw (I thought it WAS until I just checked!). The blast they use (soda?) combined with the profile shape mean finger grinds for days. IRG present and accounted for if you like that sort of thing, which I do. Very smooth on the string. Spins are what you would expect from a yoyo of its dimensions; I have yoyos that spin longer, but it’ll get you through your combos! Super comfortable in your hand and on a catch.

Suffice it to say, I’ll be getting DS’s next release (the Pride) without even waiting for reviews beyond the ones that came along with the prototype. It’s a company I’m willing to place my confidence in after only one release. :wink:


This thread was enough to get me to order one tonight. I got the blue with pink and black speckles. I’m sure it will have a happy home in the collection.


I got the same one on the fourth, trust me you won’t regret getting it , only bad thing is after it cheaper throws just don’t seem worth while ( for me at least and now I compare other throws to it and I just can’t go back).


No, it is most definitely not THAT good. It is way BETTER.


I don’t understand, you’ve heard some great stuff but people aren’t talkin about it?

I really liked the wrath, I’d choose it over any clyw at the moment.


He posted a thread about smooth yoyos,and a guy said my old wrath was good. Somebody said " you sold it!!!" and people just talked about it a bunch…


I have messed with literally hundreds of yoyos in the last 15 years. I am from back when we would try out 12 wooden yoyos and the one that wobbled the least was the cool one. Back when ‘no’ yoyos were ‘C’ bearing size. Back when guys would do their 1A freestyles with Raider yoyos. < And I don’t mean Saber Raiders. I mean looping shaped Raiders. 100 percent cotton string. Starburst response. NO clean shieldless bearings. And 90 percent of yoyos were either Conventional or Butterfly shapes.

No IGR… No grinding anything… No Horizontal… No body wraps…

Yoyos were so responsive, most guys would loop out to regen.

I have watched as things changed. I’ve have actually had a little to do with ‘yoyos changing’. I have cut up hundreds of yoyos. And compared modding notes with others that have also spent years ‘Tweaking’ yoyos.

I have learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t. I have seen Winning designs and Absolutely Horrible yoyo abortions(Rev-G comes to mind).

If I say I really like a yoyo, it is not an Expert Yoers Conclusion. I am not an ‘Expert yoer’. But over the years I have developed a pretty good ability to identify yoyos that Rock and yoyos that Suck eggs. And various levels between those two extremes.

I currently have hundreds of yoyos. I actually like them all for their various strongpoints and their weaknesses that challenge me to get all the way through a trick or Combo without experiencing ‘Spin Death’, lol.

Some yoyos have poor shapes. Some have poor weight distribution. Some have sharp edges for no logical reason. Some yoyos have instability literally designed right into them.

And here we arrive at my actual point.( the text above was simply to give perspective).

There are many very good yoyos available today at literally every Price point.

Some stand out immediately as Impressively Good(to me).

The Deadly Spins Wrath is a Stunning example of a Masterful design execution. And one of the Primary things I like about it, is that there is Nothing that I don’t like about it.

If I sold off or gave away Hundreds of my yoyos… And just had 5 left, the Wrath would be one of them.

It is a Major curiosity to me that so few of us are aware how Amazing the Wrath is.


I must agree that the Wrath is a great throw. It is not tailor made for me and my preferences, but because I enjoy it despite that, I can tell how special it is. It plays smooth and stable, just fun to throw, and it was packaged with some great extras if you got one brand new. I own two, a red silver and black and the purple pink with green.

I am lucky to have two, one mint, one not. Scale of 1 to 10. The Wrath gets an 8 from me. It’s up there on the scale. For a first release from a new company, they nailed it the first time out. Pretty impressive.

I still can’t believe he sold this:
wrathspin7 by The TotalArtist, on Flickr
wrathspin5 by The TotalArtist, on Flickr
wrathspin18 by The TotalArtist, on Flickr


^ that looks insanely awesome.


What kind of person would sell that thing??.. I mean come one now!!!