Dan, being the kind and generous man he is, graciously let me test out a WRATH. The least I could do it repay him with a review. Keep in mind this is my first in-depth yoyo review, so mind the bumps :stuck_out_tongue:

(I apologize in advance for the bad pics)


First Impressions - Before the Throw:

I’ll admit when I first saw this yoyo, I didn’t care for the shape. The pictures also mislead me into thinking that it’s smaller than it is. I was also under the impression it was going to play a little heavy, something I do not care for in the least. Oh boy was I wrong about everything.

Packaging and Goodies:

The WRATH comes with, compared to other yoyos, a surprisingly large amount of extras. Not only do you get the yoyo itself, but you get a plastic case, drawstring pouch, three YYSL strings, an extra bearing, axle, and a pair CBC pads; which is more than enough to easily maintain your WRATH.

The WRATH comes shipped in the pouch in the plastic case, assuring that your investment is protected during shipping.


I said the WRATH looked small and had a weird shape? Man was I pleasantly proven wrong. The shape just works.

The concavity of all the surfaces is very, very comfortable; probably one of the most comfortable yoyos I’ve ever held.

The IRG is wonderful. Not too deep, not too shallow. One thing I noticed about thumb grinds is that my nail caused almost an anno burn in the IRG, and produced a smell similar to what 3A players experience everyday.

The WRATH (to my delight) turned out to be bigger than I had expected. Just a tad smaller than a Code2.

Play - On a Throw:

WOO! I was blown away by this. It plays wonderfully. That was with the 10 ball though. Being as this was a tester, it didn’t come with all the goodies that you receive when you purchase it. Since I don’t have a Trifecta lying around, I can’t comment on that, but I threw a concave in and that’s when this puppy shined.

Smooth and elegant. The best two words I can think of to describe the WRATH. Something about the weight distribution in this almost makes it feel like it changes mass during play. It gets heavier or lighter when you need it to. I assume this is due to Dan’s patent-pending ‘Smart Weight’ aluminum alloy* :wink:

The WRATH slices through the air so gracefully. I was easily able to land any trick in my arsenal. I even was able to hit a trick I had previously been unable to achieve within the first 10 minutes of using the WRATH.

A little note on the CDC red ‘Pro’ pads: they compliment the WRATH perfectly. I’ve only ever used them in a Genesis, but the WRATH just seems to bring out the best in them.


I’ve never been much of a grinder (mainly because I don’t know any good transitions), but the WRATH has got to be one of the best (if not the best) grinders out there. I was able to consistently able to get ~7 second grinds. I attribute this to the concavity design and the amazing bead blast.

You’ve also got some amazing colorway options, too. The next run to hit YYE will have just as amazing ones.

Final Impressions and Price:

$125 may seem like a lot to drop on a company you may have never even heard of, but when you consider all the extras, not to mention a phenomenal yoyo, it’s a no brainer.

I was surprised by this yoyo. I simply didn’t expect it to play this good. Dan Eberle knocked it out of the park with this one, and I can’t wait to see the next design Deadly SpINS has in store for us.

The WRATH gets a well-deserved 9.5 out of 10.

Thanks Dan for giving me the chance to try this out.

*Just thought I’d clarify that this is a joke.

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Definitely a great review!

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Great review!!! This is the first I have heard of the IGR issue. Its the same finish as CLYW and its not something I hear often.

When will there be more of these made? The flew off the shelves, i never got the chance to grab one…

Thanks. Yeah I tried it some more, it really only happens at really high RPMs.

Within the next month on YYE. There will be a total of 10 colorways in stock.


Well…maybe this time!

Do you have pics of the new colorways? How many yoyos in total I’m guessing 5 of each colorway right?

Great review Link!

I think they said there would be more than 5 of each. because they had one on facebook and that was theire most limited and it was only 5 of them.

That is correct. There is 10 of each colorway made, but the one limited edition had only 5 made.
YYE will not have all of them however. We like to keep our favorite colorways ;D

Not to bother you, but the video says deadly sins which almost makes it seem like you’re talking about pride, one of the seven deadly sins. :wink:

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And Glenn wonders why I wanted the p lower case. Ha ha

Yeah, I later realized that I should’ve had a v8… :-[

What do you mean when you say that this is a joke? ???

Injust got my wrath and it is one of the best yoyos ive ever tried in my opinion. You did a grea job describing how it played. i expirienced the same IGR smell. Its the same smell that you smell when you ding a yoyo.