My question of the day.. Deadly Spins Wrath.. What happened?


No doubt, we all have reasons to identify certain yoyos that just ‘click with us’. They may not be the same reasons. Even if there were only 10 amazing good metal yoyos, we would not necessarily have identical reasons for putting them in our top 10.

Thumb grinds, finger grinds, regen strengths, sleep time, horizontal play, stability, feel on the string, flawless binds, shape and/ or feel in the hand, slick finish, ideal weight or weight distribution, and a dozen other traits that help put a yoyo on our Win list.

Obviously some of our performance conclusions about various yoyos are directly related to our Skill levels and our individual abilities to identify if a yoyo gets high marks for this or that.

For example, you may love the way a certain yoyo plays. It is your top player. But your 3 friends at yoyo club, are all advanced at Horizontal tricks and none of them like ‘your favorite yoyo’ because they agree it sucks at Horizontal. < But you don’t do Horizontal. So your review of the yoyo is based on its’ strong points for you and nothing else is important.

So, now to the Wrath. The Wrath made an Excellent first impression to me. I have thrown dozens of yoyos over the years, that did not make good first impressions, but I grew to like them over time for one reason or another. The Wrath fell into a more rare category. I really liked it when I first rolled it down the string and I still really like it. Without hesitation, I would say it is easily in the top 10 of the hundreds of yoyos I have accumulated in the past 15 years.

Most often, when I evaluate a yoyo, I don’t just look at from a ‘strengths’ view but from a ‘where does it come short’ view. < Tendency to tilt, poor at regents, kickback, deadly shape, bogs down on long combos because of poor weight distribution, etc.

All that being said leads to my question.

For the qualities I personally look for in a yoyo, the Wrath fits me like a glove. I like pretty much everything about it and just as importantly, I can’t really find anything ‘I’ don’t like about it.

Why(my actual question, finally) do you guys think the Deadly Spins Wrath just kinda went nowhere?

  1. I’m the only one that thinks its good?

  2. Deadly Spins didnt really promote it?

  3. It’s not really from a major Company, so it just kinda fizzled?

  4. It has some performance shortcomings I am just not aware of, because my skill level might not be high enough to realize them?

  5. Deadly Spins just didnt make enough of them, so not enough in Yoers hands to generate continued interest?

  6. Some other reasons I never thought of?

I’m just puzzled how it fell off the Radar screen, since it is such a nice playing yoyo?

Thanks for any opinions.


Hmm. I never thought of it as falling of the radar… As far as I can tell DS still has a lot of momentum. There are tons of people awaiting the Pride (probably more than there were for the Wrath, and the first batch of Wrath’s sold out in like 7 minutes if I remember correctly). The Wrath is… Seriously incredible. I haven’t tried many throws relative to most people on this forum, but it is easily one of the best throws I’ve had the pleasure of using. For some reason however, it just doesn’t speak to me. On top of that, I didn’t get my first colorway choice, and I’m a stickler for colorways. When I open up my case, usually something will catch my eye simply because of it’s colorway, and I’ll give it a whirl to see if it’s the right throw for my mood that day. The Wrath never catches my attention, simply because the colorway isn’t my favorite. It’s unfortunate, and sometimes I wonder if I got my first colorway choice, would play with it more often? I guess I’ll never know.

For a while I was really intent on getting every DS throw, simply because I love the theme, but I’ve come to realize that with my current budget, along with the fact that DS does extremely limited runs—It just isn’t realistic for me to get one of each, at least without the use of the BST. So I think I will be passing on the Pride, and letting go of my Wrath to someone who will show it some real love. It’s going to be tough, though…

I’ve only heard good things about it…So I suppose it’s simply because not enough people actually have gotten to play one, so they have nothing to say. THAT, I can understand, but how the DESIRE for Wraths dissipated, I have no idea. It seems like EVERYONE wanted a Wrath, and despite all of the feedback about it being positive, it now seems like no one wants one… I saw a fellow forum members mint Wrath on eBay for $49 and it went unsold. I really was shocked by that one. I guess I overestimated how valuable they would be. >.<’

(2Sick Joey) #3

Glad you like the wrath! It is definitely one of my favorite yoyos as well. Our wraths sold pretty here at YYE and I’ve heard nothing but good things about them. The wrath was the forst yoyo made and a lot of detail went into them. We like to think of the wrath as a pretty good firdt release and werent as limited as people think. i believe there were 100 made. the only one that was really rare was the multi color speckle. I am a team member of deadly spins and we have been a little user the radar but in no way are we disappearing. We are truly just getting started and expect great things in the future…I’m serious. There will be a huge update today with a bunch of info on the Prides and such


Haven’t heard much from deadly spins either. I really liked the wrath and sort of regret trading it away. First throw was really really nice. I really like the packaging and the extras that it came with also. I don’t do horizontals, but the shape should be fit for it. I wonder if the pride prototype has already been won. If for sure I would get one with another purchase of the wrath, I’d definitely buy another wrath.

(Alex Fairhurst) #5

I think the problem was that deadly spins didn’t really promote it. It plays amazingly, but there just isn’t enough interest in the actual brand it seems. it’s been so long that we knda fell off the radar.

expect all this to change in the near future.

(WildCat23) #6

I think Deadly Spins didn’t really promote it, and then didn’t really follow up with anything new soon after.

  1. I’m the only one that thinks its good? I think everyone who has owned or played one loves them

  2. Deadly Spins didnt really promote it? I remember that it was promoted very well on the forums… It did come out of nowhere though.

  3. It’s not really from a major Company, so it just kinda fizzled? This could be part of it.

  4. It has some performance shortcomings I am just not aware of, because my skill level might not be high enough to realize them? I think it does everything VERY well. It is a very well rounded throw.

  5. Deadly Spins just didnt make enough of them, so not enough in Yoers hands to generate continued interest? Agreed

  6. Some other reasons I never thought of? I can’t think of any

I just plain love this yoyo… The design is just killer and it has everything you would want in a throw. Just my opinion though… This is one of the top 2-3 throws in the last few years!!


I know a few people who absolutely love it. In know a man with 7, including the pink/purple speckle deal that everybody wants.


funny you ask that because I was just noticing how many people praise the throw. I have never tossed it around, but it seems very popular if anything. At least to me. We must read different posts on this forum.

(2Sick Joey) #10

I don’t believe that pride prototype has been won!


There’s like 14 left in stock. Wish I’d knew a sure way to get the one with the pride.

(Alex Fairhurst) #12

Leave a message in the notes:

“Hey andre. Hook it up fat with the Wrath that comes with a Pride proto”


Yeah I should. But that wouldn’t be fair would it? =p

(Alex Fairhurst) #14

Hey man. If it works it works. People can hate if they want, but they didn’t get a free yoyo out of it.


I’ve been seeing them sell for <$70, which I find outrageous.

The Wrath is one of my favorite yoyos and I have no idea how they devalued so much.

Perhaps they’ll gain a little momentum with the release of the Pride and help distinguish the brand. Can’t wait to see how the production run of the Pride feels!


I have the opposite reaction when a throw I like is undervalued on the bst. Love picking up 09’ yyf severe’s for 20 to 40 bucks.


I had two. Traded one (and another throw) for a Skywalker and sold one recently for $50. I loved its look and feel, but it played too light for me. I think a used wrath selling at $70 is right on target for a one time yoyo company (so far). I sold my Wrath for $50 because I wanted it gone. So someone is happy, and it was sold in like 13 and a half seconds.


I enjoy my Wrath. I think the main reason you don’t hear more about it today, is that they are not selling them anymore. I believe that if they made more, they would continue to sell, and generate further momentum for future releases. Has Deadly Spins confirmed that the Wrath will never be produced again? Someone told me that it will never be made again.

(Alex Fairhurst) #19

Yup! Wrath’s are done. Get 'em while they’re cheap.

(YoYoStringLab) #20

I don’t think that not enough were made. They wanted them to be limited and there are a few left in the store. (Maybe just not a favorite colorway?)

Deadly Spins is a newer company, so people may need to warm up to them. However, their first release was astonishing in its design success. The Wrath hits a sweet spot of performance. I use it to test out new string formulas, because it doesn’t have any issues. I love the way it moves. I don’t worry about missing with it. And beyond performance, if that wasn’t enough, its shape is beautiful. I wish that they would do a few of each design in black, simply to show how strong the design of the shape is without a splash to distract the eye.
DEADLY SpINS - Wrath 1 by YoYoStringLab, on Flickr