Show Off your Deadly Spins YoYos.

Lost the black proto :frowning: but luckily i am trading for another to replace it

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i hate you both…


I can’t wait for mine!!!

First person to post a 3a video of these will be my hero


I should get mine up tomorrow…

I hope. :wink:

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DEADLY SpINS - Wrath by YoYoStringLab, on Flickr

Soo pretty…

I am so insanely jealous of all of you right now!


They’re so nice… :wink:

I shadowz when’s u get that?!?!

I got that the other day!

sha make a video using it and how does it play? I cant wait for mine!

This is so smooth!

The only thin I can say is WOW!

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Hopefully receiving mine soon. Cant’t wait!

The only thick i can say is that i want one… :wink:

It’s perfect! I don’t blame you.

Anyone have any other pics of their DS to show?