DEADLY SpINS Official Thread: New Video and Pride Restock Update!!

I just got the finale version of the Wrath!!! Here Is Just one of the many colorways you will see from us!!! It is a Black and Green Acid Wash with a Red Speckle done in a specific way to look amazing spinning!! (MOTION PIC AT BOTTOM)

This Is the Pre-Production version. We are now moving to the full production run!!!

Every Yoyo will be packaged with 2 bearing, a extra Pair of pads,one extra axle(1-silver/1-Black),
As-well as one of each type of Yo-Yo STRING LAB String in some AMAZING unique colors they have become known for!!


The NEW Wrath Specs:

Diameter- 55mm
Width- 43mm
Weight- 65.2
CBC Red Pro Slim Pads
10-Ball Bearing C Size

I will Post news soon on a PICK AND NAME A COLORWAY POLL CONTEST!!!

IN MOTION PHOTO!! TURNS AN AMAZING PURPLE!!! You need to see it to believe it!!



Wow! looks really good cant wait for these things to drop!

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Wow looks great Dan…gotta PM me over on yyn so we can talk more. Im sure Im gonna love this thing

Greetings fellow yoyo enthusiasts. This is Glenn Littlefield, Dan’s friend/partner in this amazing venture that has come to be known as Deadly Spins. We have literally put forth all of our efforts into this company in order to offer beautiful works of art (and great competition yoyos) to the yoyo community. It brings us such great pleasure to finally see it paying off, these yoyos are amazing. We both are very passionate about making the best possible product we can without sacrificing on aesthetics, and trust me when I say that these Wrath’s are superb. I started playing it yesterday and I literally have not put it down yet, stable, smooth, floaty, great spin time… and lets not forget the color, absolutely stunning. It’s almost inexplicable how it almost radiates while spinning, a gorgeous purple tinge. I’m so excited to move forward with this, hope you guys are too. We want nothing more then as much feedback as we can get from our community, so please feel free to share any and all thoughts you have. Look forward to seeing everyone at Worlds, keep an eye out for us and get a chance to check out Deadly Spins First release; the Wrath.

                                                                                               take care guys,

Holy frick. I must try one of these things. Now… haha.

They are perfect.

Don’t stop making yoyos please. lol

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I literally gasped. That’s beautiful. I love the double-h type shape.

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drool :o

To deadly spins, what yoyo do you have as your avatar

It is the 1st proto for the Wrath. (The same yoyo pictured at the beginning of the post)

Holy cow!

That is an amazing throw!

The color is amazing when it spins!

Lol Thanks!!! We dont plan on stopping anytime soon!!!

Good. I really want to get my hands on one of these, they look godly.

any news on when they will be dropping?

What he said!

Im estimating it will be 1 month for machining and 1 month for ano …Give or take for shipping and assembly. I am not sure what stores will be willing to carry it though. What I can say is that this will be a very limited release.

We will work out the price soon, along with where and when it will be released. I will keep you all updated.

beautiful just beautiful

in other words

It’s Puuuurty


Count me interested!

yeah it has such a sexy shape, and the color looks gorgeous, especially when it’s spinning. I would by it just for its looks, just saying. (except I’m saving my money right now, so I can’t actually buy one at this point)

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How much are they selling for? I would love to get my hands on one of them. Looks amazing, and has a totally original shape.

Depending on final cost and Colorway we are thinking $110-$120.

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