DEADLY SpINS Official Thread: New Video and Pride Restock Update!!

I think that price is fair. Better then some other company charging 25-80 more. I’m all about the little man an I will definitely have one of these in my collection. All I have to do is try it and I know I’ll be hooked.

Hey guys, I am a friend of both Glenn and Dan and they let me throw both the prototype and the pre pro and i gotta admit, its an amazing throw! Ive been playing he prototype since i got it over my sasquatch and code 2! But when they told me how much better the pre pro was, i diddnt really believe them but trust them, it blew me away, its dead smooth, the finish is super smooth, looks even cooler in person, its floaty and is stable as hell. Still trying to get them to let me buy one haha Cant wait for these to drop!


I wish I was :confused: I was going to but funds wouldn’t allow me

too far away


That seems to be allot of peoples problem. Me and Glenn Just barely made it our selves.

I’ll be there. Will you have a yo-yo for people to try? :slight_smile:

they sure will!

For anyone going to worlds Glenn and I will be around letting people try our new throw. We will be wearing green shirts with the logo that is my signature.

what is the packaging going to look like?
also you should send one to sniffy and get him to review it that would help get the word out alot

Il get pics up of packaging soon. One will be going to Sniffy.

Just want to drop this here :slight_smile: A new video using the Wrath…save your money up and buy it

i was contemplating whether to buy this or a Sasquatch i’m choosing this

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You wont be disappointed!!

Your string is insanely long! I keep thinking you’re going to hit the ground with that brand new yoyo!


I can tell! The video was sweet, but I’m not confident enough yet to play with that much extra string.

Haha you know what they say, the longer the string the better :slight_smile: I usually don’t use such a long string but I was just to lazy to cut it. Anyway really save up cause they are amazing! Deadly Spins all day lol!

I tried this at Worlds, it is awesome!