Announcing DEADLY SpINS - Wrath

DEADLY SpINS will be releasing it’s first yoyo, the Wrath. It will be packaged with YoYoStringLab string! Here is a sneak peak at the prototype Dan Eberle sent me. Like the way it looks? Wait till you play it!

wow thats a sick design… any idea on when it will be released?

Love the name Deadly Spins.

What are the specs on this?

Hi everyone Im Dan Eberle the Designer/ Co-Owner of DEADLY SpINS.

Glen Littlefield and I started this company in the beginning of the year. We want to make innovative modern style yoyos that are made for competition play without those uncomfortable shapes and plain colorways we see all the time these days!!

The release date is unknown for now. I am moving on to a few slight changes. Next proto run will be splash anodized in a black/dark green acid wash with a blood red splash/speckle (Bloody Zombie ED)

Specs are as follows: 55 mm Diameter
43 mm Width
66.2 Grams
4.4mm Gap Width o

The second proto is being dropped to 65.2… I will keep you guys updated. Looking to give away allot of free stuff soon!!!


Hey guys, I’m a friend of dan and glenn and i got a chance to throw the protoype and even that was dead smooth! no joke, it is so stable and its grinding is sick. these guys really know what theyre doing and seem do want to do anything to make sure the customers get what they want… and no i am not getting any kind of profit. i just know these kids and they are deticated to this stuff and from what i gather, they dont want their customers to go through the same bs that they have gone through with inconstancy. seriously guys, KEEP A LOOK OUT FOR DEADLY SPINS!

thanks for keeping us informed. that colorway sounds amazing. cant wait till you guys release it! ill definitely grab one.

Looks great! Machined from a private machine shop, or someone we may have heard of?

It has a chess piece sort of vibe (scene, not shake) to it…

Where did you play it? Im guessing the one drop shop? The proto you there where a few protos that were not built up enough on the bearing seat which was the reason for the vibe.

No I think turtle thinks it looks like a chess piece not that he played it.

Oh thnx for the point out. I saw Oregon and thought One Drop.

Yeah… looks… it looks like a chess piece (I get that vibe) - which, as a chess geek, I think it looks absolutely sick!.. I think I did see it (didn’t ask about it) at OD on the shelf… totally dig the look… if only you could truly anno it WHITE and do a black half/white half… I also like the sound of a zombie colorway… looking forward to this puppy!