DeadlySpins Pride (6061 & 7075) Review

DeadlySpins Pride (6061 & 7075) Review
Review by: Matthew Henry

I will be reviewing the New Pride by DeadlySpins. Which is the second release by this young spin top company. I believe the name Pride is a fitting name for more reasons than just one. I own all 3 of this companies current offerings and Pride is exactly what they put into every new yoyo design!

DeadlySpins was founded in 2012 by Dan Eberle and Glenn Littlefield. Both had an extreme interest in yoyo design and how minor shape differences could affect the speed, look, feel and play of a throw.
After teaming up Dan and GLenn designed 14 different throws until DeadlySpins released their first yoyo entitled the “Wrath”. It was a resounding success with the yoyo community.
Approximately a year passed and after a great deal of perfecting DeadlySpins finally released the Pride.

The rest as they say is history.

Weight: 64.6 Grams
Diameter: 53.9 MM
Width: 41.7 MM
Bearing: CBC Center Trac “Size C”
Response: 19 mm silicone response - Also Compatible W/ CBC or K-Pad - (Slim Pad Size)
Available Colorways: Black W/ Pink/Purple/Red SPLASH, Red/Yellow W/ Blue SPLASH, YoYoBrothers Edition Blue Green W/ Silver SPLASH, Gold/Black W/ Red SPLASH, Blue/Silver W/ Purple SPLASH, Gold/Grey W/ Silver SPLASH, Pink/Purple W/ Green SPLASH, Silver, And Gold.
Price:(At time of Review) $102 - $125

Specs: (7075)
Weight: 66.7 Grams
Diameter: 53.9 MM
Width: 41.7 MM
Bearing: CBC Center Trac “Size C”
Response: 19 mm silicone response - Also Compatible W/ CBC or K-Pad - (Slim Pad Size)
Available Colorways: Blue / Purple Acid W/ Black and Pink SPLASH, Supercharged - Joey Serrano Signature Color Blue / Light Blue Acid W/ Gold SPLASH, Zombie Edition Black / Green Acid W/ Red Speckle, Dragonaight - Alex Fairhurst Signature Color Yellow / Orange Acid W/ Teal SPLASH,
Jawbreaker - Cole Jordan Signature ColorSilver W/ Blue, Red and Gold SPLASH, Purple / Black Acid W/ Orange SPLASH, Teal / Blue Acid W/ Black SPLASH, and Blue/Black Acid Wash
Price: (At time of Review) $125

Shipping and Packaging:
I ordered my both Prides from Yoyo The confirmation email, tracking, and shipping where all done quickly as usual. Both throws arrived in a Priority “hard sided” box that is great for protecting expensive throws from damage. I give Yoyo Expert an A+ for this effort as always!
The Pride comes packaged in a brown cardboard box with graphics skeleton graphics on the front. DeadlySpins includes the following in each package:
Yoyo String Lab Srings: 1 x Ammo and 1 x Type X
1 x Extra set of Response Pads
1 x Extra Axel
1 x Satan Carrying Bag

The amount of of extra care and attention paid detail is great! I really feel they take the extra effort to keep their customers by providing these extras!
Note I do not have pics of my un-boxing but if you go to the following link. You can look at the accessories delivered with each pride. or

Looks and Feel:
Both Prides have identical specs (Minus their weight and Finish). I would consider these throws to be in the V-shape category and fit very comfortably in your hand.
At first glance I could tell I could immediately tell what DeadlySpins was trying to accomplish. It was creating a great competition throw that people would immediately fall in love with.
6061 Finish: The 6061 version of the pride has a Beed Blast that feels very similar to the Deadly Spins Wrath. The finish is great for grinds and is a pleasure to hold.
7075 Finish: The 7075 version of the Pride has glossy finish that feels mirror smooth in your hand. I did not find the 7075 version to be all that great for grinds. But if grinding is not your thing, then the finish will not affect anything else during play.
Play and Performance:
6061 P & P:
The 6061 version of the Pride is lighter than it’s 7075 counter part, and I found that at it’s 53.9 mm size, the weight difference is not necessarily a bad thing. While playing with this version of the Pride I found that I was still able to complete my speed combo’s and other tricks without the yoyo feeling to light and flailing out of control. While 64.6 Grams compared to 66.7 Grams doesn’t seem like a lot to those new to the Yoyo world. Experienced players know it can make a big difference. The tricks I found myself doing more of with the 6061 version were Grinds and Brain twister Combos.
7075 P & P:
The 7075 Version of the Pride felt more floaty compared to it’s 6061 partner, but not in a bad way. I felt the added weight gave this version a little added ummff when hitting the string, which is the way I prefer my yoyo’s to feel. While hitting the string during technical tricks there was no doubt in my mind where the yoyo was at all times and that gave me a little more confidence to go faster than I did with the 6061 version.
Both P & P:
Since the Specs are identical to each other both Yoyo’s played very similar. While each version could do every trick I through at it, each one was better at certain tricks than the other.
During long play, my finger never felt labored or soar. Both throws had no wobble and were very very smooth while spinning at the bottom of the string. I also felt that both throws were easy to correct if you threw a bad throw.

Final Thoughts:
So which is the better throw? Well, I can’t honestly answer that. The only person who could make that choice is you. I can tell you that in the month or two that I have used them, both the 7075 and the 6061 have made it to my daily rotation. I can also tell you that both of these throws are in my favorites category.
I find myself reaching for the 6061 Pride when I am more in the mood for goofing around or grinding.
When I am in a competitive and technical trick mood, I usually grab the 7075 Pride.
Either way you slice it, DeadlySpins has created a great couple of throws here. Both versions fit right in with the quality we have come to expect from the DeadlySpins brand name. If I had to suggest one up and coming company to keep an eye on for the future, DeadlySpins would be my suggestion to watch. I expect nothing but greatness from them in the future.
Do yourself a favor pick up both versions of the Pride!

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Wow excellent review :slight_smile:

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I appreciate the feedback and kind words bud :slight_smile:

Glad to see a review finally pop up! I think more people should be aware of this.

Good job, man.

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Looks like you’ve taken on the feedback from your last review (which, by the way, was already excellent) and really hit this one out of the park. Bravo, good sir! Bravo!


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Really good review! Definitely one of the better throw reviews that I’ve come across on here. Can’t wait for the next one! Please keep up the good work!

Great review, and while I can’t comment on the comparison aspect (only owning the 6061) I agree totally with your characterization of the 6061 version.

Even when switching from another yoyo of similar weight to my Pride, I’m noticing how long it spins. That’s mostly a function of design, but I wonder if I lucked into a particularly good bearing, too. :wink: Either way, it’s an impressive spinner for its dimensions and specs!

Thanks for the kind words everyone. This will encourage me to keep going for sure!

Also if there are any other pictures or areas of review you think I should add. I am always up for suggestions.

Thanks again. ;D