What do you guys think of the Pride?

I just got my 7075 DeadlySpins Pride and I’m absolutely loving this throw! The size, weight, everything about it is incredible!!! It’s so heavy on the string and yet it just flies around like there’s nothing to it. I have great control with this throw ;D

Although my anodization pattern isn’t perfect, it still looks incredible while spinning and the yoyo is self is an great player. I was just wondering what you guys thought of it!

I just took at look at this.

I’m gonna pass for now. Multiple reasons.

1: Don’t feel like spending the money. However, based on the Wrath, which I really like, I don’t expect any real issues with price/performance.

2: Shape. Not one of my more ideal shapes. Not bad though. That along isn’t a 'Ruling out" point as I have stuff not within my target preferences. It is a good shape, reminds me of a General Yo Majesty meets an Avalanche, and I like both of those a lot.

3: The colorways just don’t appeal to me. About the only one I like are the 6061’s in gold or silver, with silver being my preference, but I’d prefer that in a 7075.

If there’s anything like the Wrath though, you’re gonna have loads of super pleased customers. I hope you another successful run with this item.

Profile looks very similar to an Ava

I love the Pride. The 6061 version is very nimble on the string with the 7075 offering a bit more heft while still remaining easy to maneuver. I prefer it over my wrath due to the size and shape fitting my preferences more. Highly, highly recommend this throw to anyone willing to take the risk on a smaller company. We don’t disappoint.

But, my opinion is really biased.

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It’s just a little biased :wink: I honestly don’t know why I didn’t try a DS throw before now. They are incredibly well planned and designed, might be one of my new favorites.

Looking forward to getting mine. :slight_smile:

Reminds me of the Ava in profile (a throw I do enjoy) as well as a less “bubbly” Punch Line in there. I love me some Punch Line. This will have more of a rim-weighted distribution than the PL, which I can’t complain about. I’m not a slave to the “moar rim wait!” approach, but I already have a PL. I need something different, and I think this will fit the bill.