Pride or Benchmarks and a new Rally?

What do all of y’all think? Should I buy a DS Pride or pick up 2 or 3 of the benchmarks and maybe a new Rally?

The pride is a size that I’ve really been feeling a lot more of lately but its probably going to be pricey, whereas 2 Benchmarks and a new Rally(Which looks gorgeous) will be around the same price.

Ugghhh… So hard to chose.

What are your opinions on the matter?

Also, you guys should check out this poll :slight_smile:,69814.msg771833/topicseen.html#new

Get one Rally and one Benchmark together

Obviously, all the yoyos are going to preform amazing well. You have to go with what you think looks best and what you think will fit your style the best. I would get the rally and benchmark before the pride since I feel they are better and more appealing to me. You just really need to decide what you would want more

2 benchmarks and a rally is $165.

Im going to probably sound biased but if your enjoying the 54mm Diameter range the Pride is definitely one of the best 54mm throws that I’ve played. Its very comfortable and can perform with the best of them. Comes in so many different colors so your options aren’t limited to Blue, Green, Red.

The Benchmarks, while they look great are meant to be throws that you could buy on a budget. Not saying that because of their price they are any less better than the Pride but the market is different. The Pride is a high end yoyo marketed as so whereas the Benchmarks are getting a bang for your buck. The Rally is a great plastic and among one of my favorite ones but not in the category such as a metal.

Either way you go you will be happy but I would recommend the Pride if you wanted a midsized yoyo. Both the Benchmarks and Rally are fullsized. Depends what you want in a yoyo really.

Trying to keep my quantity down a bit, so I can’t imagine buying 3 yoyos in one shot right now. (I mean… I’m buying 3 fairly close together, so I shouldn’t even say that… but in spirit I’m trying to cut down!)

Benchmarks have my attention, but I’d like to try all 3, and if I’m going to get just one I would like there to be a blasted option. The Rally is a sweet yoyo, but I just don’t have much desire for many plastics right now. That new clear with orange rings is nice, though!

For my money, the Pride.

I haven’t played the benchmarks, but I own a pride and a rally. The pride is one of my favorite yoyos right now. Super fun and an awesome yoyo overall! Absolutely worth it!

My vote is pride.

The thing is that i have a lot of yoyos from a lot of price points. The main reason I kind of want a new Rally is because I gave my girlfriend my other one(second run), so I don’t have one right now. The only thing drawing me to the Benchmarks is the ability to compare shapes appropriately for the first time. That being said, I have bought a lot of yoyos, probably have to many and if I want to buy anymore, I should probably do so 1 at a time.

I’ve been leaning towards the pride since I posted this and you have helped keep me that way.

GregP, I am in the same situation. I’ll be honest, going into July I had 3 throws: a DM2, a genesis, and a flying panda. Everything was good but I wanted variety. Basically as of tonight, I will have 25 yoyos in my possession and I have spent about $1000 over the past 5-6 months. So now I’m thinking about what is best for my collection and undersized/midsized yoyos are something that I do not have a lot of so I’m definitely thinking Pride right now.

Would you say the pride has a lot of “character” to it? The individualism of the Puffin and the Canvas are what I love about them.

Are there any other yoyos in the 52-54mm range that you guys would characterize as having some genuine character? I love my Puffin, Canvas, and Yelets if that helps at all :slight_smile:

Personally i would get the 2 benchmarks and a rally, but thats just me. I love my rally, and the benchmarks look great, so thats just my preference, but get what you feel is best, we cant pick which one is best for you…


The Cascade has character.

The Pride looks great and I would love to play it. That being said I would probably go the Benchmark/Rally route. That has absolutely nothing to do with the Pride just more along the lines of I love variety so if I had the chance to pick up three different yoyos I would do it so that when my tastes shift I have a yoyo that will accomodate what I am looking for.

I hope that makes sense.

I told this to GregP in a PM when he was asking about the pride, I’m going to paraphrase myself.

I was able to try the pride, 6061 and 7075 at GA states, the 6061 was phenomenal! the 7075 was good it a different way. The 6061 just fit my style more. As far as play and character, it has so much of both! I am a huge proponent of a yoyo having character and a personality, the Canvas is also one of my favorite yo-yos. The pride fits in that category of having such a personality! If I were to describe it as a person, it would be a very hyper active little kid, but this kid is also very well behaved and has awesome manners! It’s super quick and agile and never stops, but does exactly what you tell it.

Duly noted, I’ll take it into consideration.

It makes all of the sense! I’ll keep that in mind.

If you had to pick between 6061 and 7075, which would you want? Which should I get?

Let me add this secondary question for everyone: 6061 or 7075 Pride? :slight_smile:

Do you have an affinity for lighter or heavier throws? I’d judge by weight. The grind surface on the 6061 is likely to be better, too, though I haven’t confirmed that.

I’m going 6061 for the lighter weight.

And to make things difficult for you, I’m the opposite of Greg. I like heavy throws, so I would go for the 7075 Pride. In fact, all these 66 gram yoyos coming out everywhere is sort of bugging me. Where are the 68 - 70 gram throws? Speed doesn’t impress me as much as degree of difficulty. Just watch some awesome offstring competitors and you’ll see what I mean.

But after all that talk, I think I’m going to get the Benchmark series and wait on the Pride. That way I can get some brass domes and jack up the weight on these babies. :smiley:

…anybody got some brass domes btw? :-[

The only thing is that I really don’t care too much about weight, I have things from all ranges :frowning: makes it difficult to choose

:slight_smile: but I guess no matter what, I’ll be happy, I’m thinking the lighter one.

I see where you’re coming from :slight_smile: too bad I don’t have any brass domes :wink:

I want the weight of a 6061, And the jawbreaker colorway of 6061…decisions!!!

Don’t be persuaded by the light number weight on the 6061. That weight doesn’t mean much. It doesn’t play like a feather at all. It has a nice weight to it and is just as stable and spins as well as something with heavier weight. It’s agile while drive having a nice solid spin to it.

Is the 7075 still agile?

I completely agree with this statement!

The weight is so perfect! It may seem light, but it has such a nice feeling on the string. You can feel it on the string just enough to tell where it is but it’s by no means is it a brick.

I personally prefer the 6061, but only because I like super light yoyos. If the 6061 didn’t exist, I would have this same love for the 7075.

I hope that helps you make a decision! You’ll be happy either way.

As for colorways, Joey’s colorway is only on the 7075 and it is a SUPER nice colorway! Looks amazing spinning! And if you’re a fan of Pokemon, Alex’s is also on the 7075 and it’s called Dragonite.