Deadly Spins Pride reviews? Thoughts?


Im not too great at reviewing throws but I have a Deadly Spins Pride. Wanted to see what other people thought about it, I really love mine, its fast and medium to smaller sized but has the stability of larger throws. Its dead smooth. The only gripe that I have is that I wish they blasted all of them, not just the 6061 versions. (I have a 7075).

So if anyone with a Pride can tell me what they think maybe that can help me out, I do like it alot but its hard to describe how it plays. Very solid, fast, and stable surprsingly, it almost reminds me of a bit smaller version of the Avalanche.

What do you guys think? I would love to try out a Wrath to see what the difference is and to try another Deadly Spins throw =).


The wrath is super floaty. I had a 7075 pride and it was a world apart from the wrath, but I still liked it more. I think the 7075 plays way more solid than an Ava and I have both versions. I do regret letting go of it. It was really fun


Anyone else with a Pride? the Prides got ALOT of hype before they released, then they had a few hiccups and release date got pushed back farther and farther for like 6 months late. Then when it finally came out people bought them up quick for $125, then a week or so later I saw like 5 or 6 Prides on BST for $90 MWB, so Im guessing there were quite a few people that didnt like them.

Also it doesnt get the hype the Wrath got, and the Deadly Spins hype kinda died down.

I love mine, wanna try a Wrath so I know the difference, I dont think the Pride hit it out of the park for most people like the Wrath did though