Deadly Spins Wrath: A High Speed YoYo Review


It seems like these days you cannot turn around without a new company popping up in the yo-yo world. If I had to guess, one of the reasons for this is the advent of the affordable machining provided these days. Most yo-yo companies do not have the startup capital to own their own machines so they have to outsource. This can be tricky; a shop that does not understand the intricacies of yo-yo design can more of a hindrance than a mediocre design. Luckily companies such as One Drop and Foxland Precision have stepped in to offer machining to young companies eager to jump in to the market. Case in point, Deadly Spins. They are a New York based company that out sources their machining to One Drop. Some have criticized that outsourcing to other yo-yo companies for machining produces yo-yos that play more like the machine shop’s products than a completely fresh design; in my own experience, that it not the case. I have found that unless a company specifically uses a feature like Side Effects, it is hard to tell who machined the yo-yo. Case in point the Wrath, which is Deadly Spins freshman effort. It has no distinguishing characteristics that give away the machining linage other than the 10-Ball included in the packaging. Now we get to see if it plays with it’s own personality or if it retains some of the feel from the machine shop that made it.

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(2Sick Joey) #2



Lovin this review, and I LOVE mine…but the whole review you refer to it as the “Wraith” its “Wrath”, it goes along with their whole Deadly Sins motif.


Damn, you are right. That’s what I get for having a friend with the nick name Wraith. Fixing it now.