Machine shops that specialize in yoyos

Hey guys.

I have my yoyo CAD and wanted to get my CAD machined.

A) Any particular shops that specalize in yoyos.

B) what do I need to take with the cad, and how would I get it to them, and how would i get it coded (if thats the correct term).

C) Is it a bad idea to use a local shop? How would you explain what you want made and how they need to be exact?

D) if a shop messes up your yoyo, or a part of it, do you just have to deal with it or is it considered their fault?

Hit up Foxland Precision, that’s the place people seem to go to to have their prototypes machined. BTW, they charge quite a bit.

I guess they don’t answer their phone on Sundays?

I didn’t know they were still in business

There are basically two known machinists:

One Drop: Aren’t taking any customers for a while if not ever again. So that’s out of the picture.

Foxland: Alvin is an amazing machinist and can do anything. Best and basically only place you can get a Yoyo machined by someone experienced with yoyos. Foxland is quite pricy for prototypes but that’s how it is anywhere when they only make a few. Runs are a ton cheaper but prototyping is a must.

Using a machine ship that has never done yoyos is a risk but if they are knowledgeable and can machine to precision tolerances should be possible. Only downside besides the risk is the costs. Most machine shops will give you insane quotes since they aren’t aware of yoyoing and other prices of Yoyo machinists are cheaper than they would be able to machine at.

Jdupyke is building a CNC lathe, I think. I don’t know when that will be completed, but I think he would be good for that. PM him.

They just need a CAD file in a certain format. That’s no problem. Once they have the file they will use thier software to program then machine it.

Indeed it is risky, but sometimes it’s the only way, and best way to do it.
that’s what I did when making the Serum, and it’s worth it.

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