INSANE machine shop quote!!

so ive been talking to my local machine shop about designing a prototype.

they sent me back a quote today for 1600.

theres no way it cost that much for one yoyo.

these are the services they are charging for:
-ano (which i will be getting done elsewhere)
-cnc programming (ive heard this is the most expensive part)
-all set up fees
-all lathe and mill machining.

all experiences welcome! i know its not this much for a prototype.

also,anyone that can do it for a good price contact me :slight_smile:

That is not unreasonable, especially for a shop that has never made a high-quality yoyo before. First protos are expensive.

If they’re only making one, it will cost them quite a bit. They have to program the machine, prepare it, get the materials, make the yoyo, then clean off the machine, and repeat it for some other persons other (and I’m sure much larger, and profitable) order. The price per yoyo will go down dramatically if you order more.

looks like ill be working overtime lol

Contact One Drop or Foxland if you want to find a machinist that is familiar with aluminum yoyos. Plus the price for them is much more reasonable

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Back in my younger years when my father and I had been running drag boats we, he mostly, took on an adventurous machining project.

In the long run it was cheaper to buy our own knee mill and the tooling to do it ourselves. Talking tens of thousands of dollars to have it machined by a “professional” shop.

Turned a 150lb block of 70 series aluminum into a 22lb work of art.

Kudos dad!!

That’s actually pretty high for 1 yoyo. It’s not outrageous, though, considering that they may not be set up to easily manufacture yoyos.

here are my thoughts:

500 tops for cnc programming
2-300 for actual cnc work…

is that reasonable at all?

What you said is reasonable, but don’t forget set up.

Sounds like they were politely telling you they weren’t interested.

Yup. Didn’t want to deal with 1 yoyo. Too much hassle and no reward.

Prototype costs can range from 300 up to 2k… It depends on the shop and their machines.

The cost is in the setup… if they use high end equipment it takes longer to set up and your proto costs are very high… but your per piece cost might be very low in production because the machine works faster.

The key is finding a balance, and the right shop.

PM and I’ll give you more info.

 Actually I did was trying a project like this last year. Onedrop is pretty busy now It may take a while because they are working with other poeple to make their yoyos.


Also, if they don’t have experience doing yoyos, you may be seriously dissapointed with the results.


Find some one with expirence with making the yoyos or dont do it. They probably never made a high end yoyo, their not interested, theres a good chance they will screw up your design (unless onedrop is making them) , and programings going to cost allot. If you want to do this prepare to pay ALLLLLOT of money.

A prototype Honda civic costs well over $1million.

thank you so much.

Would would knock down the price emeansly is if you had a drawn out yoyo with exact measure meets of every angle. Which would take the programmer less time to program.