INSANE machine shop quote!!

Very true but they will modify the design.

that is probably true. Unless it is a design that isn’t that complex.

I may be completely wrong, but I OneDrops price for 10 prototypes $600.

True, one drop is BOOKED. So David kindly directed to another shop. :wink:

One Drop will do ten(?) protos for $600. Not a bad deal.

Edit- this has already been said.

but its impossible to get your work in the door.

they be booked.

About a month ago I spoke w/ a machine shop owner I’ve known for 10+ years about a project I was working on (non yoyo). If I knew how to work his equiptment, he would have had me working my own project on his machines that day… (as well as some other stuff to pull my weight lol)

He directed me to a nearby shop with a 1 month wait time as he was 4 months booked. Explained that any good shop is booked at least a month unless they’re not very good or experienced. I don’t see why this wouldn’t be the case in this as well. It may not be that they’re bad machinists, it’s just not a familure task to do in a time efficent (cost effective) way. I would consider seeing what the wait time is on Onedrop and consider accepting a long wait? Just my 2 copper

im going to try another shop and see how the prototypes come out. if the quality is not up to par… then i will wait for one drop or find another.