Finding a "machinist".


Ok. To get a yoyo made. After you get the CAD drawing finished I am guessing the next step is to find someone to machine the drawing at the cheapest rate. Does anyone know of any? Should the drawing be 2d or 3d? Is there a type of “machinist” to look up?

I found a bunch of stuff when I googled it:

It sounds it may be expensive. Like I would probably have to order a couple hundred at a time or the machinist would probably be looking for promises in the future. If you don’t know a guy without a lathe willing to put a lot of energy into labor I think most people probably end up paying $??? (way more than expected) for a prototype and sed company probably 90% of the time doesn’t move past a yoyo to play with and hype about… Then becomes a paper weight/coversation piece. No yoyo company.

Why did this all turn like one of those DIRECT TV commercials. lol.
Is this what happens though? Or does anyone know of someone that makes any yoyo from a CAD drawing and not charge you up the wahzoo? sp? Or maybe someone can let me know the going price of a prototype from CAD whatever it is? Very curious about this stuff. I am sick currently on leave from my job so creative juices are flowing.

Thanks ;D

Check this guy out