How to make a yoyo? T/F?


ive head people speak of making designs through CAD programs and or drawings and being able to send them to major manufacturers, and them being able to make the throw for you. of course material and prototypes would be in order so it could get pricey, but iwas wondering if this is true or false? Ive heard one drop being a manufacturer that could do this, but yet again im just not sure if its apossibility. i have plans for one and a 3d design in progress, and ied like to see it come to life.


Money makes the yoyo go 'round. As long as you’ve got the funds, you’ll be able to find someone willing to do the machining for you.

I’ve never manufacturered a yoyo myself, so I don’t know the exact sort of pricing you’re looking at, but I know it wont be cheap. I believe just prototypes will run you up a couple of hundred dollars at least depending on who’s machining for you.